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KU picks longtime philosophy professor to oversee undergraduate education

Congratulations, Ann! KU couldn't have made a better choice!

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KU football unveils five new helmets for 2013 season

Sciencegeek is correct. The so-called "deep pockets" need to be prohibited from contributing to athletics in any fashion, including making Williams Fund contributions or purchasing football tickets. That way every dollar of their disposable income can, by edict, be earmarked directly to offset accelerating tuition costs. Anti-intellectual right-wing policymakers who cut Regents budgets are in no way to be held responsible for the tuition hikes. If instead we defund athletics by imposing a 100 percent tax on the disposable income of the deep pockets by redirecting their contributions, the tuition problem can be finessed. Sheer genius I tell ya ...

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'Love' garage no more

My daughter took her senior HS pictures in front of it last fall, having noticed and remembered it when we go to football games every year. Sad to see it painted over. We, too, hope "love" will return...

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Opinion: Rubio may be new Reagan

Attaboy, Cal. Never say die! Heck, right-wing columnists still gotta eat. So let's go-ahead and kick off the 2016 campaign with some cliff-hanging punditry aimed at the still shell-shocked GOP "base" -- 90 percent of whom are angry (and increasingly bitter and irrelevant) white men. Yes, maybe they can dream the dream that young Marco is the chosen one, the perfect pliant tool of the Establishment billionaires who can come along and reassemble the sainted Ronald Reagan's electoral coalition. This political wet dream is over, fellas. Time to wake up.

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40 years ago: KCI airport set to open this weekend

KCI is a freaking joke. It's only appropriate that Agnew would have been present at the deduction ceremony.

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Heard on the Hill: Update on Spanish minor; a closer look at college town rankings; Dole Institute director sounds off on Romney campaign

Ha! Yeah, Mittens does have a bit of a problem in thumping his chest about his "experience". Just too many troubling details keep coming up like the time workers at a small manufacturing plant in Ohio were told to drop what they were doing a build a 30 foot stage by first thing in the morning. The next day Mitt's Gordon Gekko crowd from Bain breezes into town in their $900 suits to stand on the stage and announce the plant is closed and everyone fired.

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Kansas jobless rate dips to 6.2 % in Aug.

LOL at the pliant tools rushing in here proclaiming how the tax cuts, which don't take effect until January 1, have something to do with this most recent improvement in unemployment data. You fouled your pants spectacularly and publicly yet again, boys. Back to Fixed News for new marching orders.

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University rankings discussion on agenda

Yes. God only knows that "wealth creation" should become the crucial new goal for our higher educational institutions.

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KUsports.com staff's Week 4 college football picks

Misery and ksuck will both foul their pants spectacularly.

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