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Symposium: Climate change putting stress on Kansas water resources

Climate has always been dynamic and always will be. It is pure hubris to think humans can change that.

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In new year expect more dueling over health care

Not all doctors treat everyone so from that standpoint you are correct but there are doctors and hospitals that do. In fact if someone goes to an emergency room by law they must be treated, even if it is for something minor.

The argument is not that people do not get care, it is who pays for those that can't.

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In new year expect more dueling over health care

Of course it is true, just because it does not fit your preconceptions does not make it false.

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In new year expect more dueling over health care


Will all of you who think the direction of the current Kansas state government is so horrible and all of us who support it are so stupid and heartless move to the utopia known as California.

Write back and let us know how it works for you.

Bob_Keeshan, nobody is refused care if they don't have insurance. I know of two people personally who have ran up over a million dollars in bills with absouletly no way to pay.

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Freedom of speech? Or abuse of our freedoms in order to incite?


This is a frightening thread with so many people willing to surrender their freedoms and take away the rights of others.

The Bill of Rights was written and passed into constitutional law to protect us from the likes of the speech police.

Also why is it so hard to understand when you protect other's free speech you are protecting your own?

On a side note the violence is not connected to any stupid movie anyway. If you believe it is then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. News flash, people lie.

So sad on so many levels.

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Evolution returns


These 2 comments expose that to some evolution is not about science but about disparaging religious faith. They also are just rants without merit written with such certainty and hubris. There is plenty of evidence on the other side, far to much to post here.

I only ask that you treat those who believe with respect and understand that you both just might be wrong.

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Higher education bubble will pop

"After a 4 year degree one might consider a Vocational-Technical Institute to become a highly skilled technician in some field.This will make any college grad more marketable and perhaps open doors to self employment."

At one time in the past people, and some still do, went to college to learn a profession such as engineering, law, medicine, etc. which were and are highly sought skills. As the young woman who is deeply in debt states, "She says she is toiling 'to pay for an education I got for four years and would happily give back.' Her degree is in religious and women’s studies." This not learning anything of value for the market place only political indoctrination.

"The same folks are ripping off students across the nation aka the financial institutions."
An example of such indoctination.

"Or if one has the dollars becoming a career student is as respectable as any other job."
Career students do not have "jobs" as they do not produce anything of value to society.

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Brownback voices disapproval of Obama rule on contraceptives

1.2 million left the workforce in January because they can't find work (BTW - that's why the unemployment rate went down)
The price of gasoline is going through the roof
Home prices drop another 4%
Orders for durable goods drops 4%
And on, and on, and on...

So what do you do if you are the Administration? Distract! Get the people talking about sex and religion!

This is a nonissue, do not be led like sheep.

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How Democrats got their pockets picked

Yes, what we need is unfree markets where people manage them to make sure everything is "fair". No chance of abuse here. What a wonderful idea to take away freedom in exchange for perceived security.

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Federal judge refuses to block Kansas' new abortion insurance law

How many abortions are for rape victims as compared to birth control? Arguing from the extreme only proves how weak your point.

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