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Koch gives Smithsonian $35M for new dinosaur hall

David Koch believes in dinosaurs? I thought true conservatives didn't buy into that liberal propaganda.

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Stop freaking out: World won’t end in 2012, expert says

"Will the world end in December 2012? Don’t bet on it, experts say."

Well, duh. That's a lose-lose bet that only a sucker would make. You either lose the bet or the world is done for and you don't collect.

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Do you play chess?

Sometimes whenever I'm in jail, if another inmate asks me to play.

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Would you want to live downtown? If so, how much would you be willing to pay?

West Lawrence--a.k.a. Little JoCo--is by far the best place to live.

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What makes a good leader?

One that lowers my taxes, lets me keep my guns, and stays off my lawn.

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Wasted effort

There should be a database of all TANF recipients. Photo, fingerprints, aliases, tattoos, last know address, etc. When too many people are running wild in the streets with unlimited money to buy drugs neighborhoods deteriorate, crime rises, property values decline, and pretty soon we'd be just like Topeka.

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Do you prefer to read the news online or in a newspaper?

Both. I make my kid earn his breakfast by reading me the newspaper aloud while I get ready for work. Then I read the online version sometimes at work when my boss is away (since we ain't allowed to use the internet.)

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What home improvement project are you working on?

I'm removing the part of the sidewalk that goes in front of my house. I'm gonna plant grass there instead. The city can't fine me for not shoveling the snow from the sidewalk if there ain't no sidewalk under there.

I'm also replacing the faucet in the downstairs bathroom.

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In Johnson County, homelessness significant but harder to see

You go, Heather! Mean people might try to say you are dumb and selfish for bringing a child into this world even though you couldn't afford it. They might even say you are really, really, really dumb for getting pregnant a second time. But it is our right as Americans to have children whenever we want! This is the American Way, just like our parents and their parents, and on and on. My advice to you would be to get as many credit cards as possible and you can make this situation work out! Money now when you need it most, and then you can repay it later.

I also advise everybody to buy a house. Don't throw your money away on rent. The house will be worth more and more money every year, and you can always just sell it for a profit if you need to. Even if you are paycheck to paycheck right now, say you find a job that pays $20,000 a year. That's 1 million dollars over 50 years! You can buy nice TVs, a really nice car, all the fanciest electronics, and a nice house for that much. May as well doing these things right away so you can enjoy them and then worry about paying later.

Hold your head up! Cheers!

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