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Do you knit?

My wife knit me a holster last year for Christmas and the first time I go to use it the gun falls right threw the bottom and hit the floor and went off. lol. It was okay because it hit the wall and no one was injured but we all got a good laugh anyway

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Kansas on cutting edge of knife rights

This is good law. Every time I've run into someone who made me wish I had my switchblade with me I didnt have it because I was afraid if I got pulled over or something the cops would find it. Now I can carry it everywhere and have it to use whenever I want to use it.

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New car-sharing program available downtown

I think you're thinking of K2.

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Editorial: Wrong direction

You are way off on your population stats for Texas.

1) Austin is the 4th largest city, not the 8th. (Top ten in order: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, and Laredo)

2) Texas has way more than "six times the population" of Kansas. According to the 2010 Census, Texas has a population of 25,145,561 compared to 2,853,118 for Kansas.

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What are you doing for Independence Day?

I'm gonna make my traditional 4th of July breakfast of ham, potatoes, and bald eagle eggs. Then I'm gonna mow the yard, maybe hit the lake for a few hours, come back home, fire up the grill, and shoot off fireworks with the family.

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Who would you put in the Kansas Hall of Fame?

Kris Kobach

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Opinion: Gun laws won’t conquer evil

Great article as usual, Cal. But I beg to differ. Gun laws could conquer evil if the law was that everyone had to carry a gun. Then all the armed citizens could conquer evil one bullet at a time.

As a concealed-carry holder, I wish everyday that I would happen to see a purse get snatched or a convenience store robbed. I'd bust out my gun and become an instant American Hero like Steven Segal or Charles Bronson.

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Letter: Jayhawk woes

I blame Tyshawn Taylor. If he had refused to give up #15 maybe that point-shaving Vegas native would have gone to a different school.

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KU center promoting one-person, gender-neutral restrooms this week

Nice! Bathrooms like this are an ideal, safe place to get high between classes.

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Kansas picks Romney

Dang old Romneys the man man. Kansans ain't dumb.

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