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Jefferson County Budget transfer upsets residents

It is also ashame that the Oskaloosa Independent does not dig deeper into these stories. All they do is report the commissioner minutes in the paper. I understand that the JF County has the Independent as the offical county paper but come on let report how the people feel. Lets dig a little on how much waste really goes on at the county level. If the county commissioners felt that $10,000.00 wasn't needed in the CA budget, then they should use this money to lower the mill levy. They want the county employees to work with little or no pay raise why not the county counselor!!!!!

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Jefferson County Budget transfer upsets residents

The commissioners need to wake up...I know that it is an almost impossible task for them because not one of them has a clue on what really goes on. They cry for weeks about cutting the mill levy. The employees will only get a 1.25% merrit for 2009 year but then turn around and give the county counselor (Jan Hayes) a $10,000.00 year raise.It is time to look for legal counsel else where, JF County residents want Michael and Jan Hayes gone.

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