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KBI arrests Franklin County sheriff and deputy on obstruction of justice charges


I'll give you the 4 seconds you're due if your provide any actual facts/numbers to support your accusations. How many DUI arrests were performed, on average, in each of the two cities over the last 5 years? Do that, and I won't even comment on your spelling/grammar. Deal? And if you could tell me the make & model of your vehicle, so that if I drive into Eudora I can avoid your car, since it sounds like it's a wreck and you'd potentially be drunk....

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Suspect in custody after Lawrence couple confronts burglar

Was at the intersection of 15th & Haskell when the police were headed to his house for the arrest I think. There was a police car with it's passenger side smashed in blocking traffic, but haven't heard anything about that? Just curious...

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Panda Express files plans to go into new building near Wal-Mart at 33rd and Iowa

I must agree with the Hooligan - China House has the best "chinese" food in town, and best prices. Now if they would just clean the glass front door every once in a while....

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Letter: Tax revolution?

I've said it before - I have a very hard time with the degree of exemptions allowed for businesses. I frequently see tax returns of business owners, where there is negative income reported year after year. So they actually get a $5000 to $8000+ tax return. These same people usually live in nice homes, drive newer vehicles (a write off...hey, I need my car for work too) and take vacations I wish I was on. And I don't buy the argument that they are being rewarded for providing jobs - a lot of these businesses are owner operated - no employees. My W2 job requires the use of other businesses/vendors - so they have jobs because my work requires their skillset. I pay - they don't. Doesn't sound right.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Forever? So his wife deserved to be killed instead, and he shouldn't feel bad about it..., right? Silly comments....

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Eudora woman arrested in $57,000 embezzlement case

Usually the amount they list is only what they can prove easily. Unfortunately, the real amount is likely much higher.

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Two juveniles taken into custody following Saturday incident at Dollar Tree

We could teach boys to keep it to themselves, use protection, or pay support. But it's easier to blame just the girls. May not be the intent, but its a typical comment.

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Area athletes invited to Shrine Bowl

Ah, a few posts and a few phone calls and we got the "other" local guys included. Thanks!
Too bad you've missed the opportunity to highlight a Lawrence boy/Eudora graduate that is playing in the Orange Bowl tonight! Boomer Mays is a linebacker for the NIU Huskies - #45. GO BOOMER!

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Two juveniles taken into custody following Saturday incident at Dollar Tree

"You people"...love that

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