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Ex-LHS, -FSHS stars set for Ottawa-Baker

Nick Becker, not Baker. Looking forward to the game. Go Wildcats!

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Letter: An angry rant

Just going to point out that if anyone is going to be blamed within the Kansas government, it would be difficult to NOT pinpoint Republicans, as they are the overwhelming majority, no?

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Letter: Coach’s error

You're right, of course.

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Letter: Coach’s error

You probably don't tell the guy at the bar he's drinking too much, or your neighbor that they're raising their kids wrong, but you'll publicly call out and humiliate a kid on a basketball team. I'm sorry, I just don't see the point. Go talk to the coach at the Salty Iguana and let him know what a screw up you think he is, but leave the kids alone.

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Letter: Coach’s error

On the take? That's the best you've got? What amount of money does Bill need that would have him throwing a game, seriously? We're all disappointed, but no need to go the conspiracy theory route.

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Letter: Coach’s error

As you may discern from my username, I, a bit of a KU basketball fan. I'm sorry, however, that I began my Sunday morning with your letter. Many of us watched sadly as Michigan went on to defeat Florida and Syracuse, thinking how spectacular it would have been to have our Jayhawks playing in Atlanta. But instead of moving on, and like a true fan, feeling grateful for another deep season and hopeful that good fortune comes to those seniors that sacrificed so much for our entertainment, you choose to belittle a young man barely in his 20s, and a coaching staff that is one of the best to honor the sport, the school, and our State. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but your need to publicly display its ill will for as many to see is more reflective of your character than your insight of the game, players and staff.

Rock Chalk

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Two pedestrians, including child, 3, suffer minor injuries after being struck by car on Iowa Street

A passing motorist indicated that they pedestrian may have been in a wheelchair. Before the police arrived, he witnessed parts of what appeared to be a wheelchair in the road. SO - let's hold off on the texting while walking, etc., ok?

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House rejects exception from abortion restrictions for rape, incest, abuse victims

I read somewhere that if men could get pregnant, there'd be a clinic on every corner and birth control would come in 10 flavors....

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Douglas County won't have final say on open-pit sand mining operation

A great idea! Anyone else?

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Douglas County won't have final say on open-pit sand mining operation

The pre-dredging analysis that has been indicated is not enough in my opinion. IF they are granted the permits to proceed, then an annual analysis should be done as the dredging continues, so that if it is determined that damage is occuring that was not "projected" or imagined, then the operation can be stopped. If Penny's is not willing to agree to this (because they would have significant capital invested at that point) then it should not proceed.

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