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Editorial: Yes, focus on KU football

Attendance surely has been hurt (1) by starting most games at 11 AM, (2) by announcing game times only ten days in advance, and (3) by eliminating Missouri and Nebraska from the schedule. As I remember, thousands of fans from these states came to see their teams play. I assume that far fewer come from West Virginia. All these hurts were self-inflicted.

Charles Crawford

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Saturday Column: Column’s 60-year run spurs thoughts, memories

Dear Mr. Simons: I will miss your Saturday Column and Lawrence will miss your guiding hand on the paper and the many benefits of local family ownership.

Attracting chancellors like Franklin Murphy and Clarke Wescoe is unlikely, at best. We were very fortunate to have the services of these giants for a while on their path to greater things.

At KU, the athletic tail is already wagging the rest of the school.

Best wishes for the future

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Saturday Column: Family honored to share 125 years in Lawrence

I assume that Mr. Nutting is the "principal" owner of the Pirates.

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Versailles wows KU men's basketball team

I world bet that none of the team have been to these cultural sites. But I also bet that some of the will now. Kudfs to Coach Self,

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KU continues to face key challenges

The comment that Chancellor Gray-Little is practicing for retirement is borne out by that it is deemed necessary to hire an Executive Vice Chanellor to "handle public relations and lobbying efforts for KU in Topeka and Washington, D.C." Aren't the Chancellors main jobs lobbying and fund raising? Both require energy, stature, and charisma. Being Chancellor provides stature, at least in the beginning. But Chanellor Gray-Little's stature is declining and she appears to lack the required energy and charisma.

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Nobody’s home: Fans flee scene of latest KU setback

On TV it looked as if the stadium was only half full when the game began.

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Farm accident kills Linwood man

AMEN! As a city boy, I've had two friends who were gentlemen farmers. Both were killed when the tractor they were riding turned over.

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Academics should trump athletics

I agree. It is too late to change the direction of big time college sports. And it is getting worse.

In his autobiography, written some 15 years ago, Dean Smith said that there was no turning back when the first TV camera appeared in a college basketball arena. He opined that it would take a catastrophe to return to the days of the freshman rule and other indices that academics trumped athletics. Smith pointed out that a year on the freshman team did not hurt Michael Jordan, Bill Bradley, or Kareem Jabbar's pro careers. And the freshman rule went a long way to insure that a prospect was interested in a college education.

Now we don't know until Monday what time football games the following Saturday will start, and the KU-MU game has been moved off-campus.

I think Smith was wrong on one point. I don't believe there is any catastrophe bad enough to seriously hurt the supremacy of big time athletics over academics at schools that are on the TV gravy train. For example, the reaction to the basketball ticket scandal at KU was little more than a call to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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Supporters have cause for concern about drifting KU

I cannot comment intelligently on the academic side of the University, but Mr. Simons is without question right on the embarrassment the Athletic Department has become. But I see no will on the part of the alums to do anything about it.

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Two more resignations for officials with ties to KU ticket office

This certainly gives the new Chancellor an easy opportunity to get rid of Mr. Perkins. The excuse that Mr. Perkins' heavy-handed money-talks approach is exactly what he was hired to do, is a justified indictment of Chancellor Hemenway. Mr. Perkins is an embarrassment to the University.

As I recall, during the first ten years of the Hemenway regime, not one black junior college football transfer student graduated. Hemenway made lame excuses for the very poor graduation rate for football players. He should not be given a pass on the current situation, which is his creation.

The comment above about the IRS is well taken. It is a near certainty that those who profited in dealing illegally with KU tickets did not report the income. That's tax fraud, and you can go to jail for it.

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