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Divide escalates between young, older residents on development

"Once again the "young couples" can't seem to get their facts straight. Senor Izquierdo's contradictions are apparently made up by himself. No one in OELPA has ever voiced concerns about NY school overcrowding. Au contraire. I wish you upstarts would quit putting words in our mouths and assigning us positions we neither profess nor subscribe to." - Eastlawrencian

Well, actually, Nicolette Proudfoot's (president of OELPA) daughter stood before the City Commission on August 8th and ranted, among other contradictory arguments, about how this development was going to overcrowd NY school. I believe the comments were something to the effect of "we have already lost East Heights school, and now, what are we doing to do if we end up with 40-60 kids per class at NY?"

"And why do I get the creepy feeling you'll are a bunch of republican crusaders trying to turn this side of town into a mess just like your bungling King George has done to the middle east"- Eastlawrencian

Um, actually I have no idea why you would get that creepy feeling. Seems like a totally unrelated and baseless assumption (not to mention, totally inaccurate)- nice try though, "Mr. Nelson Diamond".

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Pennsylvania Street development receives tentative approval

I also support this redevelopment.

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Neighbors ready to fight East Lawrence project

This article should be renamed to "East Lawrence Slum Lords are ready to fight new Project"

I feel that the only people who are against this development are the slum lords. The New development will force slum lords to fix their houses, increase rent and possible get out of the business of renting house in horrible conditions.

I want this new development to go fowards and hopefully bring a new cleaner image to this Neighborhood.

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