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Indian tribe that once proposed North Lawrence casino purchases large tract along interstate

Can anyone explain how they would be able to have a casino? I'm all for it. I'm just unclear on the land issue; is it not subject to the same regulations as normal property, or, once a tribe buys land is that land then a sovereign entity.

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More than a decade after a citywide ban, fireworks still making noise in Lawrence

It's a silly ban using fear as it's justification. Accidents happen. I believe the original ban was put in place stating the amount of property damage over a 25 year stretch accumulating something near $700k in damages; much of which was that one incident at an apartment complex. I agree with most here, if you aren't going to stop it, and, only give verbal warning, quit wasting our time and those of a public service nature and move on.

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Four Topeka men to face trial in alleged K2 robbery at Lawrence McDonald's

So a guy who was in prison for selling drugs, gets robbed in a bad drug deal and then gets immunity? Surely he won't be at it again.

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'Love' garage no more

This is clearly front page news. "Breaking News: Graffiti gets replaced by more Graffiti, tune in at 10 to hear about this and our live coverage of a pot threatening to boil water."

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City moving ahead with $24K study on how to improve broadband service in Lawrence; city agrees on contract with nonprofit to provide Internet service to City Hall; AT&T launches 4G network in Lawrence

Hmmm, I thought they already had 4G or was their advertising misleading.....At least my Sprint LTE has been working for several months now.

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Kansas House bill targets sexually oriented businesses

Low compared to any bar students frequent.

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Kansas House bill targets sexually oriented businesses

"The state would like to enter 'Taken' into evidence, calling Liam Neeson as an expert witness."

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Teen pleads no contest to two August burglaries, sex crimes dropped

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County supports cheaper towing charges

Still a lot. A month after reading the article about the towing companies sticking it to customers, I had an axle break in Topeka. 20 minutes to show up, $56 tow on a flat bed and he threw in $10 wood charge used to keep my vehicle level. It's not often I'd say it, but, they could learn from the Topeka companies.

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