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New Kline ad called a 'jaw dropper'

"I love my wife and kids and all but i want to #*#* you." I love it. You sorry fools, Phill may be bad but you want to vote for this genius. I love it.

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Attorney general race heats up from the start

merrill - you can do a search for sb 323 and sentencing commission in 2000, I believe. Here's a good place to start:

I'm all for freeing up space by releasing non-violent offenders but that's not at all what 323 did. It let out some of the worst. I have an excel spreadsheet of the criminals and the crimes they've committed if you're interested.

Here's just a few:

Godfrey Edwards: In for the rape of a child, let out under 323, and now back for raping a child.

Douglas Belt: back in for murder and several rapes. (I guess letting him out cleared up a bed for a convicted rapist - himself)

Reginald Carr: back in for murder, rape and kidnapping.

Vernon D. Harris: back in for murder.

If you look at how Morrison is responding, it appears that he's trying to hide behind legal jargon and word games, but you have to be pretty ignorant to not see thru it.

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Attorney general race heats up from the start

If this race really is about who's tougher on criminals, Morrison's in trouble. How many did he let out early to save 250k in prison space? Oh yeah, over a thousand - the vast majority of which are already back in the pen after they found new victims. That one's gonna haunt him and it's documented fact. Just take a look at SB323 and Morrison's role as chair of the sentencing commission. How much money did that move really save?

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Do you think Lawrence taxpayers should pay $40 million to $70 million on a new library?

It appears the no's have it; not that it matters to the simpletons who frame the proposal thus: If you're against the library, you're with the terrorists.

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