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KU student injured in bike crash

Bike rider here. My accident shouldn't concern any of you. I didn't realize this report was published, nor did I care that it was. I agree—it's not news-worthy, but, judging by the consistency at which some of you comment, you should also be aware a lot of what the JLW reports isn't news-worthy. No, I shouldn't have let go, even for a second, while going downhill. Yes, my mother is totally awesome and I suspect any of your mothers would defend you should you be the subject of a bunch of douchery—so blow me. Yes, I'm 30 and still in school—we're called non-traditional students (though I graduate on Sunday). Yes, people of all ages get in bike accidents and make mistakes—doesn't make them any less of a person. No, Darwin did not consider bike accidents a factor of natural selection, although if he did I'd probably be considered an amazing specimen of survival. No, I don't live in a basement—I have an apartment with my cat. And, yes, I will gladly get a drink with any of you. I prefer bourbon, but tequila (especially Milagro) is also acceptable.

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Cyclist critically hurt after hitting car at Bob Billings and Crossgate

Seriously, LJWorld. Nice blame-shift.

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Jayhawks tapped No. 1

>How many times has the pre-season #1 gone on to win the big dance?
Since the 1981-82 season, 7 preseason #1s have won the national championship:

1981-82: North Carolina
1989-90: UNLV
1991-92: Duke
1995-96: Kentucky
2003-04: Connecticut
2006-07: Florida
2008-09: North Carolina

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