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All-natural holiday tradition

Published December 18, 2008

Real or fake, pine or plastic? Every year, Kathy Heeb caters to hundreds of Lawrence and Douglas County-area families who prefer real Christmas trees over their plastic counterparts.

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No sight, no barrier

Published November 28, 2008

A lack of sight hasn’t kept Greg Rogers from doing everything he wants to do, from traversing the Baker University campus alone to becoming a classical pianist. As he prepares to graduate in December, Rogers says he regards his progress as nothing more than expected.

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War’s toll: invisible scars

Published November 11, 2008

The wounds of war are not always visible. Lawrence resident Ted Lawyer returned from military duty in Iraq two years ago with post traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury. Now, he fights to regain control of his mind.

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A sweet devotion

Published November 8, 2008

Anthony Schwager came home during the third grade with the idea of raising bees. Little did his parents know that it would be the start of a successful business for their developmentally disabled son and the entire family.

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Learning to live

Published October 10, 2008

Last February, Katherine Cook's life came to a halt when a bullet pierced her head. It was a freak accident that remains unsolved. What continues is the journey of a remarkable recovery.

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A cleaner power

Published September 16, 2008

Hydropower is one of the world's oldest forms of generating electricity, but it is getting new interest today as companies look for cleaner ways of doing business. The Bowersock Mills and Power Company along the Kansas River is leading a clean energy effort in Lawrence.

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KU Edition 2008

Published August 16, 2008

From artists to inventors, Kansas University is home to all kinds of people. In the past year, the university has opened new buildings and hosted world-renowned speakers. Come inside to learn more about the university on top of Mount Oread.

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Good as gold

Published August 14, 2008

Lawrence residents Bill Lienhard, left, and Charlie Hoag placed first at the 1952 Helsinki Games with the help of five other KU basketball players, including the great Clyde Lovellette.

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Class clowns

Published August 7, 2008

Students participating in the second annual Emmett Kelly Sr. Clown School of Performing Arts get schooled in skit production, juggling and make-up.

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Nature, naturally

Published August 3, 2008

Call it one of Kansas' largest research labs. Call it a calming nature walk in one of the state's few remaining uncultivated prairies. Call it whatever you want, but the Kansas University Field Station and Ecological Reserves offer everything from public viewing of the reserves to research on all types of life.

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A family with a lot of pull

Published July 30, 2008

A father and son team have bonded through their love of tractor pulling.

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Ins and ‘y’er outs’

Published July 9, 2008

After experiencing the world of baseball in cleats, Tyler Minor decided to step behind the plate as an umpire to earn extra cash. The Lawrence teen began as most umpires do - with a little training and some advice to have fun.

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Unearthing Kansas History

Published June 19, 2008

More than four decades ago, the burnt remains of Pawnee Indian earth lodges were uncovered. In June archaeologists - both amateur and professional - returned to north central Kansas and the site of a historic Pawnee Indian village.

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Growing business

Published June 18, 2008

Kevin Irick is all local. He lives local, grows local and sells local. And he's not alone. His approach to farming is part of a national movement that is hitting home for many Americans, including folks in the Lawrence area.

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Peak tick season

Published June 13, 2008

It's prime season for ticks, tiny insects that feed on blood. But with a bit of knowledge about the pests - where they live, what they look like and what to do if you encounter one - you, your family and your pets can remain tick-free.

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