KU Today 2013

KU Today

Glimpse into what it’s like to be a Kansas University student today. What’s changed? What are the classes like now? Who are the new movers and shakers in the faculty?

Core curriculum change to greet this year’s freshmen

KU Core is the name of KU’s first-ever university-wide curriculum for undergraduates. It marks the biggest change to undergraduates’ curriculum in perhaps 50 years. And while it’s been in the works since this year’s KU freshmen were just entering high school, they’ll be the first students to experience it.By Matt Erickson

Hybrid classes make ‘active seekers’ of students

Hybrid courses — sometimes also called “blended” or “flipped,” though others say those terms have distinctions — shift much of the work done in a traditional lecture online, leaving class time for interactive activities. Instead of listening to a professor deliver information during one 50-minute lecture after another, students absorb it outside of class time. They spend much less time in a classroom than in a traditional lecture —perhaps only about half as much. But when they come to class, they can’t expect to just lean back and listen. By Matt Erickson

Parents of incoming Kansas University students sit through a presentation by the department of Undergraduate Studies during new student orientation, Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at the Kansas Union. A new curriculum at KU will enable more flexibility for students with less restrictions on certain general education requirements. Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

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