KU Today 2012

Jayhawk Field Guide

Sculptures adorn campus, on and off the beaten path

At first glance, the beauty of Mount Oread lies in nature: the hill, the trees, the landscaping. And after that, perhaps, the buildings take over, with limestone craftsmanship that, in some cases, has withstood nearly 150 years. But look closer, and key pieces of art make campus what it is. In some cases, pieces have been in place so long they’re almost taken for granted.

What are those birds everywhere? Jayhawks on Parade

In 2003, the Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau and participating organizations distributed 30 5-foot Jayhawk sculptures around town as part of Jayhawks on Parade, an art exhibit and fundraiser. Nine years later, 19 still can be viewed by the public.

Campa-what? A pronunciation guide to campus buildings

Nothing screams freshman like mispronouncing one of the names of the 150 buildings on Kansas University’s campus. But how do you figure out the correct way to pronounce a name?

Some things you definitely need to know about college

So, you’re new here. Don’t worry. There’s a lot for students to take in before starting out at Kansas University, and you’ll surely pick up a lot stuff along the way.

Renovations to increase Wescoe Beach’s appeal

Renovations to Wescoe Beach instigated by the student body promise to make the area even more useful and attractive.


Ken Lassman 5 years, 3 months ago

The KU People section claims to be "Putting KU on Display" and does a nice job of showcasing 8 male faculty members. My wife commented to me: "can't they find any women to put on the face of KU?"

After all, 45% of faculty are female according to the open-site.org website, and 49-52% of students, depending on which website you go to, are women. I know of plenty of top notch female faculty--why not show more than half a face? Considering the prominent role women have played in the history of our state in general and KU in particular, perhaps it's not too late to correct this most likely unintentional oversight?

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