The 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor


Vincent Muirhead, Dorwin Lamkin and Roger Shimomura have different stories of the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. Muirhead served on the U.S.S. Maryland, and Lamkin on the U.S.S. Nevada. Shimomura was a young boy of Japanese decent, and later spent time in an internment camp.

Survivor’s tale: Vincent Muirhead

Vincent Muirhead talks about the morning of the attack on Pearl Harbor where he stationed on the U.S.S. Maryland.

Survivor’s tale: Dorwin Lamkin

Dorwin Lamkin talks about the morning of the attack on Pearl Harbor as he was on the U.S.S. Nevada.

As number of Pearl Harbor veterans dwindles, area survivors hope to keep lessons of history alive

Two area residents are among a handful of living Kansans who can give firsthand accounts what happened that day. They are part of a dying breed who lived through both the shock of the initial attack and the aftermath and horror of seeing fellow sailors who had died or were injured.

For local Japanese-American artist, time spent in internment camps fueled a lifetime of work

For Roger Shimomura, the time he spent in an internment camp during World War II has influenced his entire life and his acclaimed art.

Pearl Harbor attack remembered at 70th anniversary, as survivors group disbands

About 120 survivors of the Pearl Harbor bombing commemorated the Japanese attack and the thousands who lost their lives that day 70 years ago by observing a moment of silence on Wednesday.


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This is a series of superb articles and photographs!

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