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Growing culture, growing children, growing together

A primer on Lawrence’s art scene

It’s not easy to summarize the Lawrence arts scene in a few brief paragraphs. What to know about the arts in Lawrence? You mean the places? The people? The galleries? Oh yeah. All of that.

Lawrence Arts Center’s Linda Reimond inspires current, former students after 25 years as preschool director

Reimond is inaugural Larry Arts Award winner

It doesn’t take long when talking to Linda Reimond to become inspired, just five minutes will do. Reimond, the preschool director at the Lawrence Arts Center, founded the program 25 years ago and has been a guiding light in early childhood education in Lawrence since. Because of her dedication, investment and love of both her students and her work, she is our inaugural Larry Arts Award honoree.

Lawrence Percolator founding member Dave Loewenstein wants community art to serve a social purpose

Dave Loewenstein and the murals he paints have a great deal in common: They are colorful, tell fascinating stories and have far-reaching impact. Loewenstein, 44, is an artist, muralist, printmaker, teacher, author, community activist, documentarian and social catalyst, who has lived in Lawrence doing all of these things since 1990.

Guitar maker Leo Posch builds Lawrence business on personal quest for learning

Like any skilled musician — or, even more to the point, anyone skilled in helping equip musicians with proper instruments — Leo Posch trusts his ear. Come to think of it, he also relies a great deal on his eyes, hands, fingers and other information-gathering receptors when it comes to his career calling.


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