The way it is

In the face of two wars, students in Geary County try to overcome anxiety in the classroom.

· February 11, 2009 · Post a comment

With about two-thirds of students in Junction City calling mom or dad a soldier, teachers use their experiences as military spouses to help students cope with deployments that strain the school system.


Dale Stringer 8 years, 9 months ago

At least the students in Gary county have each other. The same for those with parents at Ft Leavenworth, Forbes ANGB and McConnell AFB. It is the children from outside those areas with parents who are deployment that need hope and comfort. For some, they may be the only military child in their school. None of the other kids may know what it is like for them, so there is no peer support. I know of one sophmore at FreeState HS and a seven-grader at Southwest JHS. I think they are alone in their class if not their whole schools in having a deployed parent right now. I troubling already and now going to a new school. I do not know if the schools offer any for them.

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