No sight, no barrier

Striking a chord

One of the driving forces in Greg Rogers’ life is music, including his passion for the piano and an appreciation for all musical genres.

Playing by heart

With the help of his teacher, Trilla Lyerla, Greg Rogers is fine-tuning a piano piece. Rogers plays by memorizing the music one chunk at a time.

Practice, practice, practice

Rogers plays a Beethoven sonata.

Greg’s List

"For me, I’ve learned to appreciate all sorts of music," Rogers says. "I can listen to Metallica one moment and Chopin the next, and Christmas music in between."

Future bright for Baker University senior

Greg Rogers will graduate in December with a major in business and a minor in music and psychology

In many ways, it’s a typical morning for any Baker University student. Greg Rogers has no classes on Thursdays, but he’s still out the door of his Zeta Chi fraternity house at 9:30 a.m. He’s off to a morning piano lesson, a chapel service and a lunch with friends after the service.


Lawrence Morgan 7 years, 1 month ago

Greg, thank you for all that you have accomplished! Lawrence Morgan

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