Losing sight, not spirit

KU administrator deals with recent vision loss

· May 20, 2008 · Post a comment

Mary Chappell has been at KU for more than 25 years, but recently, she had to learn her job all over again. After a medical accident took the sight from her one good eye, she's adapted to doing her job and living without sight.


user_name 10 years ago

I wonder what purpose her glasses serve. Yeah it says she is legally blind which means she has come sight, but she has to use all these adaptive devices too...I was hoping it would explain more about what she can see if anything.

Jonathan Kealing 10 years ago

If you need a "word version" of this story, click on the first tab and you'll find the version of the story that ran in print. This is a multimedia project that includes a variety of media and components - only one of which is the traditional print story.

May Soo 10 years ago

I wonder what purpose her glasses serve. --------------------------------I know someone who is legally blind and wears glasses. He sees shadows. I wonder if this Mary person is the same way.Based on her last name, I wonder if she has a daughter named Karen.

domino 10 years ago

I was so stoked to see this article ----- until I realized you had to have sound! I wanted to have a close family friend check it out as she has lost almost all the vision in one eye from retinal problems - but the library she uses to have computer access does not have sound on their computers! Can't we have it in written form - it could be so much help to so many!!!

1smuff 10 years ago

A more detailed article came out in KU's staff paper, The Oread on March 24. Here is the link http://www.oread.ku.edu/2008/march/24/chappell.shtml

May Soo 10 years ago

I wonder how JW report the story on an actual newspaper, did it have sound?

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