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Farmers finding bigger profits by selling locally

· June 18, 2008 · Post a comment

Kevin Irick is all local. He lives local, grows local and sells local. And he's not alone. His approach to farming is part of a national movement that is hitting home for many Americans, including folks in the Lawrence area.


redmorgan 10 years ago

Wow, that's awesome. I envy his business...wish I could do that for a living!

brookcreeker 10 years ago

GAH! It's "locally". He doesn't live local. Local is an adjective, live is a verb. Adverbs, not adjectives, modify verbs. He lives locally.

Haiku_Cuckoo 10 years ago

Stories like this are another reason that a rural work farm should be created for the homeless. Make it a drug/alcohol-free setting that teaches them to raise crops and fix farm machinery. They can sell their produce, do small engine repair and boost their self-esteem at the same time. The current "wet shelter" doesn't help them in any way, shape or form. Loitering downtown and getting drunk is bad for them and bad for the citizens of Lawrence. Below is an example of one such place.

Charlie Naramore 10 years ago

The Farmer's Market is elitist? Cliquish, maybe, but elitist might be a stretch.

redmorgan 10 years ago

Is the Farmer's Market elitist and/or cliquish? In what way? I've never been there...been wanting to for years, but never seem to get around to it.

gr 9 years, 10 months ago

"Adverbs, not adjectives, modify verbs. He lives locally."Would that also include, "grows" and "sells"?

lslbison 9 years, 8 months ago

As Chair of the Lawrence Farmers' Market, I am greatly concerned about comments implying that the market is elitist, cliquish, overpriced. I challenge those who feel that way to get to know the vendors, stroll through the market on a Saturday morning, and to validate those adjectives (or adverbs, whatever!) Good grief folks, we are farmers and of any profession in the world, I can't fathom that those impressions are true. I come from a corporate environment and can certainly attest to what elitist and cliquish are, and will argue until they throw my ashes in my pond that your area farmers are hard-working, honest, well-educated folks who want to produce healthy, safe foods for our families and for our community. As far as we can't compete with the mass-produced, feedlot and factory approach to farming. But we can offer fresh, safe, foods that you can feel good about feeding your families. Thanks for taking the time to read another perspective.

BigPrune 9 years, 8 months ago

I need a hair cut so bad. You'd think it was the 1970's or something.

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