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UK first to 2,000
’Cats rout Drexel for milestone win
December 22, 2009
John Calipari spent weeks downplaying Kentucky’s pursuit of 2,000 wins, saying his team needed to be focused on getting better, not making history. Moments after the third-ranked Wildcats routed Drexel, 88-44, to become the first NCAA team to reach 2,000 victories, Calipari admitted it’s pretty good when you can do both.
Break the rules to create original effects
November 2, 2008
I subscribe to a simple photographic philosophy: Know the rules, then break them. If all photographs always adhered to strict rules all the time, photography would be predictable, unsurprising and boring. And those are three adjectives that photographers should never want attached to their work.
Behind the lens with National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson
03:23 p.m., September 26, 2008 Updated 12:00 a.m.
For this week’s Behind the Lens story, we talk with Jim Richardson, a photographer for National Geographic magazine who lives in Lindsborg. His most recent story about the soil beneath our feet titled “Our Good Earth” appears on the cover of National Geographic.
Polaroid transfers still create exciting results
August 24, 2008
One of my favorite alternative photographic processes is the Polaroid transfer. The resulting image can be unpredictable, and the manual process provides a much-needed break from formulaic and uncompromising digital photography. Here is a quick guide to producing your own Polaroid transfers.
Photo inspiration: How photography connects us to the rest of the world
11:29 a.m., August 22, 2008 Updated 11:30 a.m.
David Griffin, director of photography for National Geographic, explains in this video presentation how photography connects humanity to the rest of the world.
Behind the Lens: Lawrence photographer offers large-print tips
August 10, 2008
Tim Forcade is a Lawrence-based photographer whose painterly approach to photography helps to define his work. Forcade’s large wall prints can currently be seen at Teller’s and Genovese restaurants. I sat down with Forcade on Thursday to chat about his photography.
Behind the Lens: Invest in yourself - not your camera
July 6, 2008
Earlier this week, Nikon announced their much-anticipated D700 camera body, sending waves of excitement through the photo industry. As much as I want that silly $3,000 camera body, I will never buy it. Neither should you. Now let me explain why.
Jayhawks honored at White House
June 4, 2008
Question his policies or debate his legacy all you want. At least give President Bush props for this: He knows his Jayhawks. Or at least his speech writers do. During a brief ceremony Tuesday at the Rose Garden, Bush honored the 2008 men’s basketball national champions.
Behind the Lens: Video stills create good, not great, photos
June 1, 2008
If a caveman had to choose between a sharpened rock or a Swiss army knife, he would likely pick the rock. If a cameraman had to choose between a still camera and a video camera, which do you think he/she would choose?
Behind the Lens: Makeshift monopod good in low light
April 20, 2008
A few weeks back, a friend of mine introduced me to an online tutorial about how to create a monopod, made of string of all things, for $2. Yes, that’s less than your morning latte.

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In this file photo from 2003, the year Johnny's Tavern in North Lawrence celebrated its 50th anniversary, bartender Will Lenz visits with patrons.

Greg Shipe, owner of Eudora’s Davenport Orchard, Vineyard and Winery, which grows nearly all its grapes on site, said a new law shrinking the percentage of Kansas grapes that Kansas wineries must use in their products could threaten the region's unique wine identity.

Howard Dean addresses a crowd of about 1,000 Democrats at Liberty Hall on Friday, Feb. 25, 2005, at Liberty Hall. Dean, former presidential candidate and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, also visited the home of a Lawrence couple where attendants donated $100-a-head to the DNC.

Environmentalists on Tuesday cheered a court ruling that the proposed 895 megawatt coal-burning power plant in southwest Kansas cannot be built until there is a thorough environmental review.

Two guards enter the maximum-security block at the Lansing Correctional Facility in 2005. Prison inmates across the country are getting older, and more expensive, for states and the federal government, according to a report released Friday by Human Rights Watch.

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