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Born to rock: Lawrence parents review ‘Hushabye’ and other hip children’s music
November 16, 2009
Lullabies can be real snoozers. That’s the point, of course. But a few lullaby CD compilations aim to add a little musical zip — and familiarity — for parents while still rocking the little ones to sleep.
In-house rivalry: Families cope with dueling alma maters, mascots
November 2, 2009
Kansas State University graduates know they’re outnumbered in Lawrence. And for two Wildcats who live here in a “house divided” — with a spouse who graduated from Kansas University and children who cheer for the Jayhawks — home is little comfort.
Soap vs. sanitizer: Effective hand-washing vital during cold and flu season
October 5, 2009
Soap vs. sanitizer: One provides suds, while the other gives off a sheen. And when it comes to disease prevention, clean hands are better than the alternative. That’s one reason why the Lawrence school district provides hand sanitizer dispensers in almost all of its classrooms and encourages students and staff to use them.
Private school forecast optimistic
Lawrence educators confident economy won’t hit enrollment
March 9, 2009
While the sagging economy is raising worries and lowering corporate profits, it doesn’t seem to be affecting enrollment at private schools in Lawrence.
A run for the money: Lawrence fitness enthusiast launches merchandise business
March 2, 2009
Find your spirit. Those three words serve as inspiration for Marsha Odgers, personally and professionally.
Kids’ manners start with parents
January 26, 2009
Maybe it’s the parents whispering to each other while the teacher speaks at open house night.
Catching up on the school day
December 29, 2008
Sometimes “good” isn’t good enough — especially when it’s all parents can get their kids to say about their school day. But there are several ways that parents can encourage kids to talk about what happened at school and, in the process, develop a closer relationship with them.
Helping hands: Parents stay connected as kids move on to junior high school
November 10, 2008
The transition to junior high school can be uncertain and awkward - for kids and their parents.
Hillcrest PTO president Betsy Six juggles full plate
October 13, 2008
Every day, Betsy Six knows her children learn a little more about the huge world around them. And it’s not just from classwork or reading - it’s because they attend Hillcrest School, which serves as one of the Lawrence school district’s English as a Second Language sites.
Lucky mom gets a lot of family support
May 13, 2007
The moment my feet hit the floor, I knew I was in trouble. Waves of nausea swept over me, along with a cold sweat. That clogged ear from the night before had ruptured, and I felt like I’d been hit by a life-size Thomas the Tank Engine.

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