Sharita Hutton

At what moment did you realize you wanted to become a journalist (videographer, meteorologist, sports reporter, etc.)? And if there wasn't a specific point in time, what was the motivating factor?
I knew when I was very young I wanted to be in television. I can remember watching the news with my parents and wanting to be just like the anchors on tv (even though they never waved back to me).

When you really want to relax and let your hair down in Lawrence, where do you go and what do you do?
Rick's Place -- I like the people, the laid back atmosphere and their adult beverages.

What comes to your mind as the most memorable local story you've covered?
The tornado -- I can still see it all so clearly in my mind. All the people in the streets trying to make sure everyone was okay, shocked at what had happened. On, a lighter note. The Free State High School 'No Provocative Dancing' Video. I laugh everytime I see the Firebird mascot 'dirty dancing.'

If you couldn't be a reporter, what occupation would you want to try?
A veterinarian, since I love animals. If that didn't work, I would like to work at Victoria's Secret.

Which two people do you admire most? One should be someone you know. The other, someone you've never met.
I know I can only choose one that I know, but I would have to say my parents. They are the strongest, most hard working people I know. The other would be Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you were stranded on a deserted island with only one song to listen to and one book to read for the duration, what would they be?
If there was a song titled, 'Get Me Off This Island,' that would be the song. But if not, I would go with... 'By Your Side'-- by Sade. And my favorite book of all time.. 'Where The Wild Things Are'

If they were going to execute you tomorrow, rightly or wrongly, what would your last meal consist of?
Although I would be too scared to eat, I would have to go with my grandma's fried chicken, my aunt's baked macaroni and cheese, my mom's mashed potatoes and my nana's lasagna. And there is no way I am going to eat any vegetables or fruit.

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