Shanxi Omoniyi (Copy Editor)

I started copy editing at the Lawrence Journal-World during my sophomore year (fall 2005) at KU. I chose to major in journalism because I've always loved to read and write. I also benefited from amazing mentors, including the late KU lecturer, Christy Bradford.

My interests include playing the accordion, debating and traveling around the world. I'm a fairly new citizen of the United States, having been born in New Zealand.

In case you're wondering about my first name, it is a mountainous province in China. I have a Eurasian background from my parents (a Singaporean mother and an Australian father) and am married to a Nigerian graduate student at KU (hence the African last name). All we have to do is adopt a child from South America and a penguin from Antarctica, and our family will have ties to all seven continents.

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This is the entrance to Prairie Elf Christmas Trees. The company typically plants 1,000 seedlings a year.

Steve Richardson, Lawrence Arts Center employee, trims the stump of a Christmas tree. Prairie Elf Christmas Trees donated the tree to the center because it was too big for them to keep - about 300 pounds.

Kathy Heeb, owner of Prairie Elf Christmas Trees, explains the process of determining a pine tree's age. Each tree has a growth ring, called a whorl. This tree has five whorls, which means that it is approximately five years old.

This warming hut is a place where customers of Prairie Elf Christmas Trees come after cutting down their trees. Hot cider and cookies are provided.

Kathy Heeb, owner of Prairie Elf Christmas Trees, and her dog, Rudy, finish up their tree cutting season.

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