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THE MAG: Out of Bounds - Painful scalp condition
Scoring tickets to a Jayhawks/Sooners game proves difficult for columnist
January 24, 2002
By Seth Jones There’s always karma. Sometimes I forget that.
THE MAG: Out of Bounds - Unlimited access
Having a press pass in the sports world is almost as good as real credibility
January 17, 2002
By Seth Jones It’s amazing the places a press pass can get you. People don’t know who you are; all they know is that you have this little red card attached by a string hanging around your neck. Throw in a bad attitude and you’re suddenly an authority that can travel anywhere.
THE MAG: Out of Bounds - The future is now
Mag columnist’s projections help clarify 2002’s impact on the sporting world
January 10, 2002
By Seth Jones Last week, we looked at the year in review. This week, I predict the future. Previously, I called Miss Cleo’s Psychic Network for a glimpse into the mysteries of tomorrow. But the only thing I got was an $80 charge on my phone bill for my “psychic” to tell me that I should eat a healthy meal and get plenty of rest before I gamble in Las Vegas.
THE MAG: Out of Bounds - Worthy winners and sore losers
The past year’s sporting events earn their fair share of Joneseys and Wojos
January 3, 2002
By Seth Jones Because two people asked for it, I present the 2001 Jonesey Awards. The awards are named after me because they’re mine. Mr. Oscar and Ms. Emmy would be so proud. Awards of shame are called the Wojos, named after former Duke point guard Steve Wojciechowski just because I don’t like that guy.
THE MAG: Out of Bounds - All I wanted for Christmas
Even though the holidays are over, there is still time to buy presents for Seth
December 27, 2001
By Seth Jones I’m spoiled. Two weeks before Christmas my folks gave me a big-screen TV. And here I am bitching about what I didn’t get for Christmas.
THE MAG: Out of Bounds - The thrilla in a manila
December 20, 2001
By Seth Jones Dear Mr. Ali, What’s up, champ?
THE MAG: Out of Bounds - Dude, what’s this car?
Test driving a ‘space-age’ vehicle is one of many perks in the sporting world
December 13, 2001
By Seth Jones Sometimes, I wonder how I find myself in such situations. I was flying back from Fort Myers, Fla., after a two-day midweek business trip. I was exhausted and just about to fall asleep when the pilot announced that in 15 minutes, the Endeavor was going to launch, and we’d be able to see it. By “see it” I thought it would be a million miles away and we’d barely be able to tell what it was. Then launch time came, and I’ll be darned, it must have only been 100 miles away, and I had the rare opportunity to witness the shuttle take off from 30,000 feet in the air.
THE MAG: Out of Bounds - Rid me of this curse
Cover subjects of Sports Illustrated often plague columnist on a personal level
December 6, 2001
By Seth Jones Sports Illustrated has again struck out against the sporting world. You’ve heard of the curse of the Sports Illustrated cover, right? No matter how huge a favorite a team is, as soon as the magazine puts that team or athlete on its cover, they’re bound to lose the next week or suffer some kind of perverse decline.
THE MAG: Out of Bounds - War of the weekend wrestlers
Members of the Central States Wrestling league strive for competition on their own terms
November 29, 2001
By Seth Jones It’s relatively quiet in Lenexa for a Saturday night. Of course, I am on a secluded back road. I pull my car up to the Amos Family Funeral Home. Surely I’m not in the right place, but there’s a ton of vehicles parked here, as if someone really important died.
THE MAG: Out of Bounds - Child’s play
Mag columnist gets elementary lessons in the youthful sport of Putt-Putt golf
November 22, 2001
By Seth Jones Maybe it’s this weather, or maybe it’s “The Facts of Life” reunion, but something’s got me in a nostalgic mood. It’s a feeling compounded by my recent return to the sixth grade.

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