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Heartbreak in Waco: Baylor 35, Kansas 32
October 5, 2002
In what on-air commentator Bob Davis called “a honey of a game” Baylor has ended its 29-game Big 12 losing streak by nipping Kansas 35-32. The Bears knocked through a 33-yard field goal with just half a second left on the clock. On the ensuing kickoff, the Baylor student body did not even wait for the play to end before starting to tear down the goal posts.
Kansas leads SMS at the half: 21-14
September 14, 2002
(Web Posted Saturday at 8:13 p.m.) When Greg Heaggans bobbled the opening kickoff on his own goal line, it looked like an inauspicious beginning was about to befall Kansas’ home opener. 100 yards later, and Mark Mangino had his first lead as the Jayhawks’ head coach. Two quarters later, and KU also secured its first halftime lead.
Jayhawks unlucky in Vegas: UNLV 31, KU 20
September 7, 2002
(Updated Sunday at 1:28 a.m.) For just over nine minutes in the first half, Kansas had a football team. Back-to-back drives of 80 and 67 yards yielded a field goal and the first touchdown of the Mark Mangino era. Overall, the Jayhawks showed improvement over last week, but the rest of this game was simply awful. Kansas was the only Big 12 team to lose Saturday.
Jayhawk football meets the press
August 9, 2002
(Updated Saturday at 8:33 a.m.) Kansas Head Football Coach Mark Mangino, his staff and players met the media Friday at Memorial Stadium to discuss the upcoming season. Kansas University’s preseason football camp begins in earnest Saturday when the Jayhawks go through their first day of full-squad, two-a-day practice sessions.
Centennial Park
August 2, 2002
One makes for a relaxing way to enjoy a walk in the park. The other qualifies as an extreme sport. You can find them right next to each other in Centennial Park. Lawrence’s disc golf course and public skate park make an odd couple, but they both challenge their participants’ skill and athleticism — in very different ways.
At the library
July 19, 2002
Whether the day is too hot or too rainy, or even perfectly nice, the Lawrence Public Library has something to interest anyone and everyone. From story time for the kids up through the movie rentals and weekly movie series - all free - here is what you need to know.
Gone Fishin’
July 12, 2002
With so many fishing holes nearby, many people find fishing a great way to spend a lazy summer day. Take your pick from Clinton, Perry or Mary’s lakes, as well as several other suitable spots to cast a line and spend some time.
Gone to the dogs
July 5, 2002
Dogs need entertainment and exercise, too, and in entertaining them, you just might entertain yourself. The best place to take you favorite canine in Lawrence is paws-down the “Mutt Run” off-leash dog park below the Clinton Lake spillway.
Take a Hike!
June 27, 2002
By Ryan Ritter One of the best advantages to living in a town of Lawrence’s size is that anyone can walk anywhere. One of the side effects of our fast-paced age is that no one WANTS to walk anywhere. Walking, instead, has become a specific activity for many Americans. Here are the best places to walk around Lawrence.
Play Ball!
June 20, 2002
A summer without baseball is like a summer without the sunshine. Watching a team of nine take the diamonds, whether in chase of a hardball or softball, is the single most popular pastime in Lawrence. So if you’re looking for something to do on the next beautiful evening, here’s how to take in a ball game.

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