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Dick Stuntz, president of Alvamar Inc., walks along a dock that should be floating in Lake Alvamar, formerly called Yankee Tank Lake, on March 18, 2009. A new top, a wider spillway and broader base will be added to the Lake Alvamar dam during the coming year, fortifying flood protection for a major road, a state highway and recreational complex downstream.

Wastewater treatment operator Jay Lovett crosses the catwalk over one of the aeration ponds at the Lawrence Wastewater Treatment Facility in March of this year. Operations at this facility as well as the newer Clinton Treatment Plant are supported by wholesale water purchases by other communities. Some are considering their options as Lawrence's water prices have risen.

Justin Zimmerman, left, and Ross Smith, right, use a specially designed loading lift to rapidly transfer the contents of two large garbage cans into city trash truck in northwest Lawrence. City commissioners on Tuesday agreed to spend $885,490 to order enough trash carts to outfit every single-family home in the city with a plastic cart.

Governor Mark Parkinson addresses the state legislature during a joint session of the house and senate in the house chamber of the capital building in this April 2009 file photo.

Sara Johnston is a perinatal fitness instructor who teaches courses in prenatal and postnatal fitness with Kreider Rehabilitation Services at LMH South, 3510 Clinton Parkway.

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