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Your life is an open Facebook
Lawrencians reconsider posting their personal lives online following Facebook’s privacy changes
June 14, 2010
Since Facebook opened to the public in 2006, the site’s privacy walls have steadily eroded. Much of users’ once-private info is now permanently public and easily shared with third parties—and many users have no idea that’s the case…
Call for entries: Downtown Lawrence Arts District logo
June 8, 2010
Downtown Lawrence Arts District is calling for artists and designers to submit a logo design and event name to be used for a Final Fridays initiative. Final Fridays in downtown Lawrence is to be launched on August 27, 2010.
Kansas City artist Peregrine Honig to appear on new Bravo reality series
June 7, 2010
Bravo’s latest variation on reality-style game shows — Work of Art — will feature a Kansas Citian, Peregrine Honig. Work of Art premieres at 10 p.m. Wednesday, June 9…
A garden variety: Group of Lawrence gardeners organizes tour with hopes of spreading their pursuit
June 5, 2010
As the screws turned on the U.S. economy a couple years ago and people everywhere were fearing the worst, Amber Lehrman and Jessi Asmussen had their minds on food.
Lawrence second graders respond to “Nature vs. Nintendo” article
June 2, 2010
One of the rarest forms of feedback any more is a handwritten letter. So when we got TWELVE handwritten letters today, it was quite a treat…
Road-trip radio
A guide to podcasts to make your summer drives fly by
May 30, 2010
Whether or not you appreciate the window views on your road trips this summer, those three-, five-, 10-plus-hour stints in the car sure are a lot more enjoyable if they fly by. For my money, loading up on free podcasts before you hit the road is the best way to make trips fly by…
Everything old is brew again
The old Walruff Brewery was killed by prohibition, but its legacy lives on in Free State
May 27, 2010
“… because without beer, things do not seem to go as well.” —Diary of Brother Epp, 1902. We’re all familiar with the Free State shirt with this quote. But have you ever considered the significance of that date?
Free at last: After months of anticipation, bottles of Free State beer on sale Friday
May 20, 2010
“Barring a flood or tornado, Free State bottles will be for sale Friday morning.” So said owner Chuck Magerl after the last of 1,600 cases of Free State Brewery’s first bottled beer was picked up for distribution to Lawrence liquor stores Thursday afternoon…
The Next Fest Thing
A year after the Wakarusa festival split town, the much smaller Festy Fest fills the summer outdoor music void
May 20, 2010
This, the fourth annual Festy Fest, promises to be significantly bigger than before. In the past, the event was solely promoted by word of mouth, but this year organizers made it more “official” by selling tickets through The Bottleneck and advertising…
The Burger Stand set to move out of Dempsey’s and into the Casbah
May 3, 2010
Molly Krause announced today on her blog that later this summer The Burger Stand will move into the Casbah Market building — right next door to Esquina…

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Amber Lehrman

Christine Kosirog and Matt Pryor

Jessi Asmussen and Kevin Prather

A detail of Magerl's vintage bottles. The one on the left is from a Leavenworth brewery during the Kansas Territory days (note: "Leavenworth, KT"). The one on the right is from a Kansas City brewery around the same era. The star on the bottom is the symbol for a product of an alchemist, which is what brewers were considered before advances in refrigeration and microbiology.

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