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Locations of rapes in Lawrence and Manhattan that police believe were committed by the serial rapist.

Mark Zuckerburg: Mark Zuckerberg. Hoodie (preferably gray), jeans, white socks and Adidas slides if you’ve got them. Add a keyboard and act like a jerk. Done.

Sookie Stackhouse: Heading to a party like Sookie Stackhouse of “True Blood” is as easy as black pants, a white shirt (bonus points for writing Merlotte’s on the front), tennis shoes and two dots of lipstick on your neck to make you look like you’ve been canoodling with vampires.

Chilean miner:Just think, all you need are some work boots and coveralls and sunglasses. Maybe a smudge or two of something that looks like coal dust on your hands and cheeks (newspaper ink, dark cocoa powder, ash, a rubbing from charcoal?) to look like you’ve possibly been in a mine since August.

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