Nikki Overfelt (Sports copy editor)

I have been working at the Journal-World since March 2008. I started as a news copy editor and designer but switched to the sports department in July 2008. Before the Journal-World, I worked at the Duluth (Minn.) News Tribune as a sports reporter and copy editor and the Topeka Capital-Journal as a copy editor and designer in both the sports and news departments.

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The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Scratching the surface of a cookie tradition
July 25, 2011
It’s only recently that I’ve wondered why peanut butter cookies have fork marks on them.
The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Cupcake cones
June 20, 2011
Ice cream cones are popular this time of year, but they don’t last long in this Kansas heat. Here’s a summer treat that’s just as fun but will hold up a little longer.
Lemon aid: A Meyer fruit adds freshness to dessert
May 16, 2011
One of my new favorite fruits to bake with is Meyer lemons … when I can find them.
The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Sleuthing Grandma’s roll recipe
April 18, 2011
MY apartment turned into a game of Clue this week. A whodunit involving yeast.
Rock Chalk Cake: Decadent dessert true to crimson and blue
March 14, 2011
This cake, of course, is inspired by all things Jayhawk.
Add Guinness to enhance rich cheesecake
February 21, 2011
I had some leftover Guinness in my fridge after making my friend a chocolate stout cake for her birthday and was thinking about how to use it. And a cheesecake came to my mind while getting out of bed.
The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Sweetening a Winter Classic
January 17, 2011
Well, I warned you. I love to combine my passions for sports and baking. And this is what happens. Winter Classic cupcakes.
The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Lawrence students give time to help with holiday LINK meal
December 20, 2010
Baking math problem of the day: If you have a six-pound can of pumpkin, how many eggs do you need?
The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Roaring Fun Dessert
A chocolate cake made in the spirit of the 1920s makes for a perfect 29th birthday celebration
November 22, 2010
I didn’t really have to make my own birthday cake. My mom volunteered to, but I had a vision. I had a big vision for my 29th birthday in general.
Book of memories: Great-grandmother’s recipe collection evokes nostalgia
October 25, 2010
When my great-grandma Opal died about a year and a half ago, one of the things we found while sorting through her stuff was a handwritten recipe book dated June 25, 1926.

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Fork marks are recommended for peanut butter cookies to help the stiff dough cook evenly. It also helps warn those who are allergic to peanut butter.

Cupcake Cones with Buttercream Frostings

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