Nick Krug (Photographer)

I've been a staff photographer at the Lawrence Journal-World since the summer of 2005. My love for photojournalism was cultivated in college with long hours spent at the University Daily Kansan. Fresh out of school I spent a year as a contract photographer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch before taking a job as a staffer for the Topeka Capital Journal where I spent the next three years. Although I primarily work with still photography, my duties at the JW include covering news, features and sports with the use of still images, video and audio clips. A few highlights from the last few years have been covering the 2008 NCAA championship run as well as the Orange Bowl victory. I feel fortunate to work with such a knowledgeable and hard-working staff.

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Behind the Lens: Basketball games keep photographers (and fans) on their toes
March 2, 2014
Plenty of my photographer colleagues believe that basketball sits at the top of the list among the easiest sports to cover. Often the reasons they cite are that it’s played on a relatively small court and also for the predictability of the action’s direction.
Behind the Lens: ‘Jayhawk Decade’
October 4, 2013
Looking through images I’ve made during 359 games has taught me a lesson about being somewhat selective while shooting, but I also learned a little about the importance of meticulous archiving practices.
When deciding on vacation camera gear, less can be more
August 18, 2013
A defenseless feeling creeps over me when I get too far away from my camera gear for too long.
Behind the Lens: ‘Chimping’ a photography faux pas
April 28, 2013
Chimping is the aptly named industry term for when a photographer takes a picture and immediately refers to the LCD screen on his or her digital camera for the instant gratification that only it could provide.
Behind the Lens: Remotes help you be in 2 places at once
March 3, 2013
It always seems as though referees pass in front of the photographers right when players like Ben McLemore are milliseconds away from completely “posterizing” a helpless defender. The result is a view of a tremendous play obscured behind the backside of the game official.
Behind the Lens: Lights can help separate photo subject, background
August 26, 2012
I’ve talked before about visual style and how each Journal-World photographer gravitates toward creating a particular look in the photos we create.
Behind the Lens: Stuck in a photo rut
July 7, 2012
Several readers have commented to me before that they can often pick with a great success rate which Journal-World photographer shot a particular photo on a given day without looking at the credit.
Behind the Lens: Dear Lawrence Project redux
June 16, 2012
Not so fast if you were thinking about putting away that shoebox of old photos.
Behind the Lens: Phone apps don’t lessen journalistic credibility
June 2, 2012
For anyone who thought the whole funky, camera app craze was just a fad, the April sale of Instagram to Facebook for about a billion smackaroos may suggest otherwise.
Behind the Lens: Camera tempts subjects to break the fourth wall
May 12, 2012
In news-gathering situations, most photographers make a conscious effort not to allow their presence to influence the events around them.

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Recent photos

Lawrence Public Library spokesperson Jeni Daley leads a tour around the expanded area of the library on Tuesday, July 22, 2014. Workers are finishing up the renovation in preparation for Saturday's reopening. Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

An illustration for an upcoming children's book titled, "Sun and Moon."

An illustration for an upcoming children's book titled, "Sun and Moon."

Lawrence illustrator Lindsey Yankey is pictured at her home with artwork that will be used in an upcoming children's book.

United Way volunteer with the Sunflower Elementary Boys and Girls Club, Marlee Yost-Wolff chats up kindergartners Marissa Hattemer and Logan Thomas about their weekend plans on the playground at Sunflower Elementary, Friday, July 25, 2014. Yost-Wolff is in her second year as a volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club and says she enjoys hanging out with the kids, playing and assisting the other counselors.

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