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KU football prepares to take on Texas at home
November 12, 2008
The Longhorns visit Lawrence for the first time since 2004.
By whatever method, catfish catchable
August 11, 2002
By Ned Kehde Throughout the dog days of summer, the channel catfish is king. During the sultriest spells and when the sun is hot and shiny as a new dime, some of the area’s savviest anglers can catch an incredible number of cats.
Too hot to fish? Not for some anglers
July 14, 2002
By Ned Kehde Despite the oppressive heat of July, fishing can be the most fruitful and varied of the year. In fact, some anglers contend July’s consistently hot weather is one reason the fishing is so superb.
June means walleye season
June 9, 2002
Every June, a flotilla of anglers gathers almost daily on the submerged humps and mud flats of Clinton, Coffey County, Hillsdale and Melvern lakes. They come to prey upon walleye.
Fishing this spring has been fabulous
May 18, 2002
By Ned Kehde Spring’s hot-cold bounty can be grand for fishermen. The heat can lead to massive hatches of mayflies and other aquatic insects at the reservoirs. This spring, the fish that gamboled along the reservoirs’ rocky and shallow shorelines feasted upon the larvae as they ascended to the surface to hatch.
White bass white hot now
Delaware, Wakarusa good spots
April 14, 2002
By Ned Kehde This is the month when a growing number of fishermen are hot in pursuit of Morone chryspos the scientific name for white bass. In fact, some anglers begin their quest in March and continue past the first week of May. It’s all done in conjunction with the white bass procreation antics.
March is season of twitchbait Rogue
Short-lived, severe cold fronts have played havoc with area bass fishing
March 17, 2002
By Ned Kehde March is Rogue season in these parts. That doesn’t mean a bunch of scamps and scoundrels are on the loose. It means a Smithwick Lures’ Rogue is often wreaking havoc with largemouth and smallmouth bass in area lakes.
Ex-KU vaulter keen on Hillsdale crappie
February 24, 2002
Jeff Buckingham says this has been the best winter of crappie fishing he’s seen in many years at Hillsdale Lake. Buckingham, a former standout Kansas University pole vaulter who lives in Gardner, has been pursuing crappie at Hillsdale and Clinton Lakes since 1980.
Area lakes need limits
Inevitable shrinkage translates to fewer fish
February 17, 2002
By Ned Kehde Clinton, Melvern, Perry and Pomona lakes are all shrinking. “Even though it’s a natural occurrence,” veteran angler Blair Flynn said, “it isn’t a good sign for the future of our fishing.”
Vassar man expert on rod thread art
February 10, 2002
By Ned Kehde Some fishermen contend the use of expensive, state-of-the-art equipment is an essential ingredient in making an accomplished angler. Ron Lindner of Brainerd, Minn., a consummate angler and cofounder of In-Fisherman, is in this camp. Consequently, he uses the finest fishing reels and superfine custom-made fishing rods. One of his deluxe spinning reels, for example, retails for about $500.

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