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Nadia Imafidon is the features reporter for and the Lawrence Journal-World.

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Lawrence Fall Music Preview 2014
August 28, 2014
The Lawrence music scene is relatively quiet in the summer. We lose some of our most-devoted concertgoers when Kansas University students go home. But the silence is finally over. Mark your calendars now for nationally touring bands, jazz ensembles, emerging artists, musicals and other acts making their way through town this fall. Here’s a preview to get you started:
The Dinner Party Project: Bringing art to the table
August 24, 2014
Local artist Emily Kate Johnson caters more than just the food at her dinner party events — she also caters artwork, serving up conversations with and about artists along with fine dining.
The new kids on the block at the Lawrence Busker Fest
August 20, 2014
Five Busker Fest newcomers to look out for this year including poets, a ping pong manipulator and a comic daredevil.
Mad for midcentury modern: the retro room makeover
August 20, 2014
Characterized by simplicity, clean lines and sleek form, midcentury modern is considered the edited interior design style; its key motto is “less is more.” Here is some decorating advice from some experts of the style.
Pledging through paint: John Sebelius peers into college greek life
August 17, 2014
John Sebelius’s “Do You Know Who My Father Is?!” exhibit at the Arts Center explores the vibrant Greek life by painting images found in photos from public Facebook profiles of Kansas University students.
Lawrence Opera Theatre celebrates anniversary with ‘Don Giovanni’
August 14, 2014
Lawrence Opera Theatre is diving into uncharted territory this summer with their first full-scale opera production in conjunction with their five-year anniversary celebration.
Off the Beaten Buy: Nose eyeglasses holder at Kretyen
August 14, 2014
This mustached nose eyeglasses holder may be a bit comical, but it’s completely practical for those who can never seem to find their glasses.
Writing on the walls: The art of graffiti
August 10, 2014
When an art form is viewed as vandalism in the eyes of the law, the challenge for the artists responsible is as much about how to create as about what to create. Graffiti is such an art form, with authorities quick to document the crime and property owners eager to scrub the paint off. To protect themselves, graffiti artists rarely reveal their true identities, and as a result don’t always receive recognition for their work. And the ones that do come out of hiding risk being arrested. So it begs the question: Is creating graffiti art worth the risk? We asked some local graffiti artists, law enforcement and art experts to find out.
Lawrence Libations: Hog Wash Sazerac at 715
August 6, 2014
It may not be the most appetizing of names, but true fans of the classic sazerac cocktail will swoon over this smoky signature 715 rendition.
Getting inked: The bodies of artwork in Lawrence
August 3, 2014
It’s not enough for some to get a simple black text tattoo. Some sit down for hours at a time to have tattoo artists ink intricate designs all over their bodies. Take a look at several stunning pieces created in Lawrence.

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Hog Wash Sazerac, $9, at 715.

Hog Wash Sazerac, $9, at 715.

Apple Mint Bourbon Iced Tea ($8) at The Eldridge.

Gulab jamun dessert at India Palace, 129 E. 10th St.

Basil Rickey (cucumber-infused gin, basil, lavender, soda and orange bitters) at 715.

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