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Ex-Flaming Lips drummer comes home, moves forward in his music career
October 4, 2014
Lounging comfortably on the couch in his home, Kliph Scurlock says he has found peace since his firing as drummer of The Flaming Lips became public five months ago.
Monuments Woman’ to deliver lecture on protecting the arts during wartime
September 30, 2014
For Kansas University alumna Corine Wegener, saving the arts has a literal application in her profession as a cultural heritage preservation officer. A modern-day “monuments woman,” Wegener travels into war-torn countries, and much like the Monuments Men who traveled to Europe to recover Nazi stolen art, she helps museum staff reclaim and protect cultural treasures.
Tegan and Sara celebrate 10 years since their first walk with the ghost
September 27, 2014
In September, Tegan and Sara celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their fourth album and commercial breakthrough, “So Jealous.” Before Tegan and Sara share the Liberty Hall stage on Wednesday, Tegan shares her thoughts on the major changes they’ve witnessed in the past decade,
Garden mixology: Incorporate fresh flavors into your drinks
September 24, 2014
Skip the morning orange juice for a specialty creation of your own using fruits, vegetables and herbs. Tweak some classic cocktails with seasonal fare straight from the garden. Make your own juices, mocktails and cocktails with some help from a local juicer and local bartenders who serve garden drinks at their own businesses.
Stand and deliver: Local comedians join forces as opportunities grow
September 21, 2014
Stand-up comedy is on the rise in Lawrence as local collective Harpoon Presents creates opportunities for comics to develop their shtick in hopes of pursuing this unconventional career avenue. Local stand-up comedian Shadoe Barton shares what it’s like to try to be funny.
Feeding time: Theatre Lawrence brings a monster to life in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’
September 17, 2014
When an entire production is centered around a flesh-eating plant, it’s going to take a talented group of creative minds to bring “Little Shop of Horrors” to life on the Theatre Lawrence stage.
Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary
September 17, 2014
It’s important to have a personal space to unwind that’s away from the rest of the world. That place should be your bedroom, said Dana Niemack, a feng shui interior designer.
KU School of Music to show off its many faces in Collage Concert
September 17, 2014
The Lied Center will serve as a one-stop shop of musical talent on Friday night as the Kansas University School of Music presents its 15th annual Collage Concert.
Spencer Museum of Art pauses to showcase diverse collection
September 17, 2014
While the Spencer Museum of Art prepares to undergo major renovations, the curators have prepared a special behind-the-scenes look at the museum.
Fall Arts Preview: Upcoming events at the Lied Center
September 14, 2014
The Lied Center has a reputation for bringing world-class performers to the community, and this fall is no different. From critically acclaimed musicians to Broadway stars to comedians, here is a preview of this fall’s Lied Series events:

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Halum cheese at Aladdin Cafe, 1021 Massachusetts St.

Hog Wash Sazerac, $9, at 715.

Hog Wash Sazerac, $9, at 715.

Apple Mint Bourbon Iced Tea ($8) at The Eldridge.

Gulab jamun dessert at India Palace, 129 E. 10th St.

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