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The S word
Saying sorry can be healing, but also scary
November 25, 2007
The holidays can be stressful. Relatives get together, expectations of gaiety run high, and - almost invariably - words are spoken or events transpire that hurt someone. An apology is in order, but issuing one that’s meaningful can be tricky.
Character building
Artist’s traveling cartoons reflect vacation wackiness
November 19, 2007
In Constance Ehrlich’s universe, Cap’n Crunch can visit the Eiffel Tower as easily as your Aunt Ethel. And Gumby can stand in for your nephew who’s pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the cheesy family vacation photo your brother included in last year’s Christmas letter.
Dynamic dance
Incoming artistic director reinvents Lawrence troupe
November 17, 2007
Susan Rieger watches intently as six dancers move slowly across the studio floor, winding around and rolling over one another in a series of carefully choreographed lifts and passes. She consults her notes, stops the dancers and turns off the Tin Hat Trio tune that’s been accompanying their movements. “Here’s something I’d like to try,” Rieger says, reworking a detail. She asks the dancers to repeat the sequence.
Leader of arts center retiring
Ann Evans steered institution for more than three decades
November 16, 2007
When people think of the Lawrence Arts Center, Ann Evans hopes what comes to mind are stimulating classes, riveting performances and stunning exhibitions. It might embarrass her to know that what also springs to many people’s lips is her name.
Ann Evans resigns as Arts Center director
Board to launch national search for replacement
November 15, 2007
Ann Evans, who has been executive director of the Lawrence Arts Center since it opened in 1974, announced today that she will retire from the post. Her last day will be Dec. 31.
Children’s choir concert a tour of times, places
November 14, 2007
Janeal Krehbiel admits that many of the rehearsals leading up to this weekend’s Lawrence Children’s Choir concert have been demanding. But there’s been room for good humor, too.
Deep focus
Free State filmmaker sets sights on future in cinema
November 13, 2007
Quinn Brabender eats an entire bag of candy, chugs 12 bottles of Jones Soda and a cup of coffee, and passes out on his computer keyboard. He wakes up 36 hours later, disoriented, in bed. “What time is it?” he mumbles, checking his alarm clock. Brabender gasps. “I’m wasting valuable experimentation time!” he shrieks, stumbling to his feet and rushing out of the room.
Cast of Free State musical ‘Urinetown’ ready to go
November 13, 2007
There was a rumor that this year’s musical at Free State High School would be “Grease.” When theater instructor Nancee Beilgard announced that it actually would be “Urinetown,” the students were disappointed - at first. That’s because most of them didn’t know much about the show, which opened off-Broadway in 2001 and went on to win three Tony Awards the following year.
6News video: October ArtStar man of many talents
November 12, 2007
Free State High School senior Quinn Brabender started making movies as a weekend hobby, but as a member of Firebird Productions he’s gotten so good that students and staff specifically request his handiwork on film project.
Twyla Tharp Work anchors KU dance concerts
November 12, 2007
Jerel Hilding remembers that it wasn’t easy to earn the praise of legendary choreographer Twyla Tharp. Hilding performed in three Tharp works as a member of the Joffrey Ballet.

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