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Information booth workers secure campus
August 10, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn Don’t mess with Debbie. On a hot July day, more than 12 cars whizzed by her information booth near the Chi Omega fountain and broke a cardinal rule at Kansas University no driving through campus without a special pass.
Graduates focusing resources on flying
Members of undergraduate program concentrate on design, research
August 10, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn Although the aerospace department at Kansas University’s School of Engineering may be small in numbers, students are taking on big projects.
Program provides leadership skills
Students ‘exposed to a full range of thoughts and experiences’
August 10, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn Although Todd Rapp says being an Air Force ROTC member will help him in the future, it is also helping him remember the past.
Study-abroad interest helps create new minor
August 10, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn The making of the new Jewish studies minor at Kansas University dates back further than S. Daniel Breslauer. “The need for a Jewish studies minor was already discussed when I joined the faculty of the religious studies department back in 1978,” said Breslauer, professor of religious studies who will supervise the new minor at KU.
Continuing Ed still thriving at Kansas
KU coach to lecture
August 10, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn JoAnn Smith, a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, says learning doesn’t stop with earning a diploma. Smith, dean of continuing education, is wrapping up her first year as dean at Kansas University but has been working in the industry for 20 years.
Overland Park facility expands
August 10, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn The average student who attends classes at the Edwards Campus is 32 years old. More than 50 percent are married and 90 percent work full time. The student body at the Edwards Campus, near 126th Street and Quivira Road in Overland Park, represents a trend in higher education, said Bob Clark, vice chancellor at the campus.
Organ recital hall strikes a chord with players
August 10, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn When Rita van de Lune heard about the construction of a new organ and recital hall at Kansas University, she thought twice about the possibilities. “It sounded like it was more than what a normal church music or organ degree could ever offer,” said van de Lune, a Kansas City, Mo., graduate student.
Consumers urged to curb water use
August 9, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn Rural Water District No. 4 on Thursday asked its 1,000 households to curtail nonessential water uses such as lawn watering, washing cars and refilling swimming pools because of the heat and lack of rainfall. “It happens every summer,” said RWD 4 Administrator Steve Schultz. “It happened last summer and the summer before that. Just use a little common sense.”
Vinland fair favors tradition
August 8, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn In its 95 years, not much has changed at the Vinland Community Fair. If it works, asked Mary Gensler, fair board treasurer, why change it? The fair, which begins today and runs through Saturday at the Vinland Fairgrounds just east of Vinland on County Road 460, will remain generally the same, Gensler said. Fair schedule
Firefighters recognized for advocacy efforts
August 6, 2002
By Michelle Burhenn Though Jenny McGee spent hours Monday traveling in the heat from fire station to fire station, she still had plenty of energy at the end of the day. “It doesn’t tire me out to go around to talk to the firefighters,” said McGee, 13. “They help so much and make half the money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.”

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