Meryl Carver-Allmond (Freelancer)

Meryl Carver-Allmond is a freelancer for the Lawrence Journal-World and She writes Family Adventures column.

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Easter eggs Benedict
Whip up a brunch classic, then top it with smoked trout
April 16, 2014
For something I used to think could only be created by a trained chef in a restaurant kitchen, eggs Benedict is actually quite easy to make at home.
The presidential history of mac and cheese
April 9, 2014
Thomas Jefferson — who would be a youthful 271 years old on April 13 if he were still alive — has plenty of well-known achievements. But my favorite bit of historical trivia about the author of the Declaration of Independence is much more humble: Jefferson was partly responsible for importing the recipe for macaroni and cheese to the United States.
Family Adventures: Gear up for rainy play
April 3, 2014
Kansas weather. Do I need to say anymore? I can’t help it, I have to. As soon as the snow stops, tornado season starts — if the tornadoes even decide to be that courteous — and then it’s going to start raining. I know that we’ll get the customary two weeks of glorious-ness in May, but, in the meantime, what’s a mama who’s ready for some fresh air to do?
Homemade granola is great for trips
April 2, 2014
While I’ve been counting down the days to our warm, spring break vacation, I’m not excited about the plane travel.
Celebrate March Mustard Madness by making some of your own
March 26, 2014
“Have you been for mustard yet?” my friend asked me, with an arched brow and a smile. “No, but soon!” I grinned excitedly. We’re not members of a secret mustard society, just big fans of Free State Brewing Company’s annual “March Mustard Madness” tradition.
Family Adventures: Let your Jayhawk flag fly
March 20, 2014
How to make some small KU pennants for kids to parade around during the Jayhawks’ run in the NCAA tournament.
Sip up a barrel-aged Manhattan
March 19, 2014
One of the best parts of spring is gathering on a back porch with friends on warm evenings and enjoying a round of cocktails. For ease of both pouring and drinking, one of our new favorite drinks to enjoy in such fashion is a barrel-aged Manhattan.
Bibimbap brings Asian flavors home
March 12, 2014
How to make your own bibimbap,
Family Adventures: Smoke on the bathwater
March 6, 2014
With a newly minted 3-year-old in the house and preschool to pay for, alas, our dates have had to be curtailed to once every few months instead of multiple times a weekend. But our Saturday nights? Well, we’ve found a new way to celebrate those — we call it the rock’n’glow bath.
Chickpeas, roasted beets and feta to break the winter funk
March 5, 2014
During late winter and early spring, I have trouble figuring out what to eat. The asparagus and early peas that will be everywhere come April aren’t quite here yet, but the thick stews and risottos of winter are becoming less exciting every day. One of my favorite recipes to get myself out of the “shoulder season” funk is curried chickpeas with roasted beets and feta.

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