Megan Illgner (Photography Intern)

Recent photos

David Salazar, Santa Cruz, Calif., uses a torch technique to mold a marble during his demonstration Friday at Marble Crazy in Bonner Springs.

Kansas University students Blair Tudas, Jeff Katz, Brad Stephenson and Lorenzo Murray lounge on a rooftop in the Oread Neighborhood during KU’s Stop Day May 8.

Students sit on a rooftop on campus during Stop Day.

Chinese visitors, from left, Nancy Gao and Ally Li help set up a fireworks stand for Garrett’s Fireworks on Tuesday near Kansas Highway 10 and Franklin Road. The two are here to learn the U.S. cultural side of the fireworks business.

Charles Page plays the tuba during a Lawrence City Band practice at Murphy Hall on Kansas University’s campus in preparation for its June 10 performance. The City Band has played on and off since the 1850s.

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