Matt Erickson (Kansas University reporter)

Matt Erickson covers Kansas University for the Journal-World.

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Quidditch team growing by magical proportions
August 25, 2013
By Matt Erickson
KU and Lawrence cooperating on fiber-optic networks
August 25, 2013
Fiber optics — as in the stuff that gives high-speed network Google Fiber its name — are a vital piece of the communications future for institutions such as Kansas University and the city of Lawrence. By Matt Erickson
New engineering dean’s main role: managing school’s remarkable growth
August 25, 2013
Michael Branicky has a big job ahead of him. But that’s what drew him away from his hometown of Cleveland, where he’d spent most of his life, to take charge of Kansas University’s School of Engineering. By Matt Erickson
University counting on efficiency program to save millions
August 25, 2013
For about 11 years, there was a classroom in Kansas University’s Wescoe Hall that had a water leak. That was until one day this past year, when a KU facilities manager asked two of his workers to do something about it. By the end of the day, the leak finally was fixed. By Matt Erickson
Hybrid classes make ‘active seekers’ of students
August 25, 2013
Hybrid courses — sometimes also called “blended” or “flipped,” though others say those terms have distinctions — shift much of the work done in a traditional lecture online, leaving class time for interactive activities. Instead of listening to a professor deliver information during one 50-minute lecture after another, students absorb it outside of class time. They spend much less time in a classroom than in a traditional lecture —perhaps only about half as much. But when they come to class, they can’t expect to just lean back and listen. By Matt Erickson
KU education just what she needed for Sesame Street
August 25, 2013
Rosemarie Truglio remembers just what she thought when her adviser at Rutgers University told her she’d found the perfect graduate-school program for her, and it was at Kansas University: That’s not happening.
KU Endowment ahead of schedule on $1.2 billion campaign
August 25, 2013
In the past year, Kansas University’s $1.2 billion fundraising campaign has taken officials and volunteers around the country to make their pitch to potential donors. But during the coming year, the campaign will have a new focus: the KU campus itself. Starting with a promotion at the Sept. 7 KU football game against South Dakota, the KU Endowment Association will kick off the portion of the campaign that will target faculty, staff and students on campus. By Matt Erickson
KU cites progress in hiring ‘Foundation Professors’
August 25, 2013
It’s been about a year now since Kansas University launched an effort to recruit 12 high-profile researchers from other institutions, and no hires have yet been announced. By Matt Erickson
Deans discuss goals, priorities, upcoming projects
August 25, 2013
By Matt Erickson
Core curriculum change to greet this year’s freshmen
August 25, 2013
KU Core is the name of KU’s first-ever university-wide curriculum for undergraduates. It marks the biggest change to undergraduates’ curriculum in perhaps 50 years. And while it’s been in the works since this year’s KU freshmen were just entering high school, they’ll be the first students to experience it.By Matt Erickson

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This Kia Optima located in a city parking lot on the west side of New Hampshire Street near Eighth Street is available for residents to rent by the hour.

Since July 2011, the University of Kansas has completed 21 of the 49 recommendations outlined by KU’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) task force. The significant progress is detailed in the task force’s first annual progress report to Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Jeff Vitter.

Duane Cantrell, hired on Nov. 20 as the new president and CEO of the Kansas Bioscience Authority.

Lawrence City Manager David Corliss discusses plans for a proposed new city recreation center at a public meeting Thursday night at Lawrence Free State High School.

Sen. Jerry Moran speaks with LMH pharmacist Greg Burger about the hospital pharmacy's use of electronic medical records in the administration of medicine.

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