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Mario’ strikes back
Strikers’ gets its kick from group play
December 17, 2005
“Super Mario Strikers” joins the long line of Mario sports and recreation titles, trying to make its presence known in a holiday season that is arguably the worst in the Gamecube’s five-season span. Does it provide enough fun to lead the pack, or does it merely fall in line?
Review: Poor controls thwart weapons in ‘Perfect Dark Zero’
December 4, 2005
“Perfect Dark” was the ideal spiritual sequel to “Goldeneye” for the Nintendo 64. It had more weapons, more levels and more multiplayer options to become the best console shooter of its day. Once developed for the Gamecube and then the original Xbox, the prequel “Perfect Dark Zero” finally debuts alongside the 360. Was it worth the overly long wait?
EA keeps score up with another solid year
October 22, 2005
I love college basketball. It’s my favorite sport to watch and follow. I’ve dreamed for years that we’d get a true simulation with all the trimmings necessary to be able to experience the greatness of the game at home.
No burnout here
High-flying thrills power follow-up in racer series
October 8, 2005
When I was 8 years old, I loved Hot Wheels cars. I loved crashing them into each other. I loved making them drive off ramps made of open notebooks resting on pencil jars, careening into my pretend oblivion. If I had those toys now, I’d instinctively do the same.

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