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De Soto Days returns to Labor Day weekend
August 29, 2011
The community spoke out, and the organizers of De Soto Days listened: The annual festival will return to Labor Day weekend this year.
De Soto community holds vigil for 18-year-old motorcycle crash victim
June 15, 2011
Shortly before dark Tuesday evening, students, teachers and community members began filling the rear parking lot of De Soto High School. They carried and lit candles of all shapes and sizes and began to share stories about one of their own.
De Soto students organize candlelight vigil for classmate killed in motorcycle accident
June 14, 2011
Students at De Soto High School have organized a candlelight vigil for their classmate and motorcycle accident victim Bryan Jessip for 9 p.m. Tuesday in the rear parking lot at the high school.
18-year-old rural De Soto student killed in motorcycle crash
08:04 p.m., June 13, 2011 Updated 09:21 p.m.
An 18-year-old rural De Soto man died after his motorcycle collided with a minivan just before 5 p.m. today in the intersection of 115th Street and Waverly Road in Lexington.
Deadline is Thursday to sign up for De Soto all-alumni dinner
June 8, 2011
Thursday is the deadline to make reservations for this weekend’s De Soto High School all-alumni dinner.
De Soto woman sentenced to more than eight years for keeping malnourished son in attic
11:37 a.m., May 26, 2011 Updated 03:27 p.m.
A woman charged with locking her malnourished son in the attic of her De Soto home was sentenced to more than eight years in prison Thursday morning.
De Soto teacher creates sculpture for alma mater
April 11, 2011
For the past several months, Tim Mispagel has been a busy man. In addition to his duties as a full-time art teacher at De Soto High School and his obligations as a husband and father to three, he has been creating an 8-foot-tall bronze sculpture for Benedictine College, his alma mater.
De Soto mother pleads guilty to charges of locking her son in an attic
March 18, 2011
Rachel Perez, the De Soto woman charged with locking her 6-year-old son in the attic of her home, pleaded guilty Friday to charges of child abuse and aggravated child endangerment. Perez also pleaded no contest to a third charge of attempted second-degree murder.
Earthquake interrupts De Soto man’s trip to visit daughter in Japan
March 17, 2011
Pictures started shaking on the walls, the blinds rattled and a small, egg-shaped clock on the coffee table danced about until it almost fell to the floor. This was the scene in the Tokyo apartment of Jessica Brack, a 2007 Kansas University graduate and the daughter of Graham and Carrie Gordon of De Soto, as an earthquake struck March 11.
De Soto woman accused of keeping son in attic faces attempted second-degree murder charge
Specialist says boy was 24 hours from death
February 22, 2011
A woman accused of locking her young son in the attic of her De Soto home will stand trial on charges of child abuse and attempted second-degree murder. On Tuesday, Johnson County District Judge Peter Ruddick ordered Rachel Perez, 27, to also stand trial on a third charge, aggravated child endangerment.

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