Kim Callahan (Assistant Managing Editor)

I've worked at the Journal-World since 1999, most recently as daytime copy editor. Before that, I worked nights as the copy chief, an assistant news editor, and a copy editor. I have degrees from KU in law, English, philosophy and journalism, and I've taught Multimedia Editing there since 2000.

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A lifetime of work: Retirement-age women reflect on changes they’ve seen in the workplace over the decades
September 1, 2014
As they look back on the last half-century — and the kinds of incidents that might have derailed their dreams, that did in fact derail a lot of women’s dreams and that would be unthinkable to most young women entering today’s workplace — they behold a “much better,” if far from perfect, world. By Kim Callahan
An epic career: Renowned translator of world literature retiring from KU after 37 years
May 12, 2014
When classics professor Stanley Lombardo retires from Kansas University in a few days, finding a successor will be practically impossible. By Kim Callahan
Area resident laments loss of neighbors, family home in Washington’s deadly landslide
April 7, 2014
When Ed Elmer made his daily commute in Washington State, images of catastrophe always flickered through his mind as Mount Rainier, one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes, loomed massively in his windshield. What would happen if it erupted? Think of the countless commuters like him clogging Interstates 5 and 90. Imagine the devastation. By Kim Callahan
Coach’s dedication keeps KU at top of debate world
August 19, 2012
For the last two decades, Scott Harris has headed KU’s debate program, one of the most celebrated in the country with five National Debate Tournament championships and 14 Final Four appearances. Harris, who just assumed the presidency of the American Forensic Association, has coached three of those Final Four teams and one National Championship team, in 2009.
Law professor’s innovative scholarship puts KU on global map
August 19, 2012
As someone who has visited nearly 50 countries, Raj Bhala feels at home in the world. But he feels most at home in Kansas, where he has spent the past decade transforming KU’s international law program into a world player.
About KU’s first common book and the program
August 18, 2012
Notes about KU’s first common book and the program.
Author of KU’s first common book shares thoughts on writing, college, Kansas and more
August 18, 2012
Kansas University has chosen Eula Biss’ collection of essays “Notes From No Man’s Land” as its inaugural common book.
Lawrence doctor ready for Light the Night Walk after bone marrow transplant
October 6, 2010
Dr. Rod Barnes is an athletic guy — running, swimming, biking, you name it — but it’s a simple stroll around downtown Lawrence that has captured his imagination this year.
Douglas County Community Foundation celebrating 10 years of charitable giving
August 18, 2010
Since 2000, the Douglas County Community Foundation has contributed funds to everything from accessible health care to historic restoration.
Brick by Brick: New York Street project uncovers and restores a piece of Lawrence history
August 16, 2010
Block by block, between 1960 and 1976, the historic bricks of New York Street, in one of Lawrence’s oldest neighborhoods, were paved over with asphalt.

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