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Go Green: KU study shows nature’s effect on brain
January 7, 2013
My mother loved using Bill Cosby’s line from the record album of his routines: “GO OUT AND PLAY.”
Go Green: Keep moths at bay using natural repellents
December 3, 2012
I remember my mother making the big clothing shift in the spring from upstairs in our closets to garment bags zipped and hanging in the basement, and then reverse in the fall. Ever the reader, she discovered that mothballs not only smelled but weren’t the best for a house full of children.
Go Green: Growing Food, Growing Health takes long view on school gardens
November 5, 2012
As a nutrition educator, Nancy O’Connor had worked with children for years. She invented many creative ways to talk about calories and nutrients, such as spooning 10 teaspoons of sugar into a pile to show them how much they were getting in one can of pop. But she still wasn’t entirely getting through. What could she do, she wondered, to “crack the nut” of children’s disconnect with food?
Go Green: Green mental health practice treats whole body
October 1, 2012
When she saw her child’s autism dramatically improve with the removal of gluten and dairy from her diet, Sue Westwind thought she should try the same thing on herself. A long history of battling fatigue, depression and migraines made her open to almost anything.
Go Green: For mobility-impaired, Lawrence boasts options to get out in nature
September 3, 2012
Going for a walk in the woods or a bicycle ride in the countryside — reconnecting with the natural world — is a pleasure many of us take for granted.
Go Green: Canning jars great multitaskers
August 6, 2012
A farm woman to the core, my brother-in-law’s mother Isabelle ritually handed my sister a Ball canning jar of water before they left from a visit. My sister always refused; Isabelle always insisted. The car might overheat. They might become stranded somewhere and need a drink.
Go Green: Special tape on windows can help reduce bird strikes
July 2, 2012
You’ve probably heard it — the sickening thud of a bird against a window.
Go Green: Pressure cooker a worthwhile investment
June 4, 2012
This is what I remembered about the pressure cooker: I remembered the hissing dial on top, its menacing rattle. I remember my mother warning my sisters and me not to go anywhere near it or we would make the top blow off and scald ourselves beyond recognition.
Go Green: Knitting connections to the land, our lives
May 7, 2012
Normally fumble-fingered, I have developed a passion for knitting. My motivation to learn owes largely to my membership in local shepherd Barbara Clark’s knitting CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Each spring and fall, I am invited to the sheering and a hearty lunch. I regularly receive skeins of yarn and patterns. Now, I’m knitting a cardigan from Darwin, a friendly, chocolate brown sheep. I know where and how he lives. When the cold comes again, I will wear wool I witnessed him happy to be rid of. The whole process irrevocably connects me both to him, Barbara and her farm, a rich piece of Kaw Valley bottomland.
Go Green: Kitchen invaders part of the family
April 2, 2012
“May I have your attention please,” I recently shouted at the ants running a stack of dirty plates on the off chance that they had ears. “The cafeteria will be closing in five minutes. Please feel free to ask for any last-minute assistance you may need.”

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