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Everyday Life: My life on Facebook
January 14, 2013
Facebook knows the 20 biggest moments of my life in 2012. Yes, it does.
Everyday Life: Good for nothing
December 10, 2012
“War,” sang Edwin Starr back in 1969, “What is it good for? Absolutely nothing …”
Everyday Life: Predicting the future
November 12, 2012
I’m writing this nine days before the presidential election. This piece is due before the election but will appear six days afterwards. When you read this, you’ll know who won. When I write this, I don’t.
Everyday LIfe: When you get what’s yours, just what exactly do you have?
October 8, 2012
Somehow — maybe the election season has something to do with it — this question keeps going through my head: When you get what’s yours, just what exactly do you have?
Everyday Life: Growing up with Yom Kippur
September 10, 2012
Yom Kippur is the Jewish day of atonement, a day marked by fasting and long hours in the synagogue, the most solemn day of the liturgical calendar. Starting when I was about 8, it became my favorite Jewish holiday.
Everyday Life: The world we make
August 13, 2012
A Facebook friend of mine saw some UFOs recently. In fact, he photographed a bunch of them and posted them on his Facebook page.
Everyday Life: Kumaré!
July 9, 2012
The unexpectedly sweet documentary “Kumaré” starts out with a Borat-type premise: a young American man of Indian ancestry pretends to be a guru.
Everyday Life: You must wake up from this dream
June 11, 2012
Let’s talk about George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch guy in Florida who gunned down Trayvon Martin, the kid who was armed with a bag of Skittles, a can of iced tea, and a cellphone.
Everyday Life: Goodbye, Anne
May 14, 2012
On April 1, I was sitting in a meeting of Zen teachers in Rhode Island (yes, Zen teachers have meetings) with several folks patched in by speakerphone (yes, it felt antediluvian, but Skype is unreliable).
Everyday Life: A permeable line
April 9, 2012
The past few weeks have been even more difficult to comprehend than usual. First, an American soldier allegedly murdered 16 Afghans — 11 in one family, 9 of them children — shooting, stabbing and burning them.

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