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Jon Niccum left the News Center in August 2010.

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Street scene: Entertainers invade Downtown Lawrence for third annual Busker Festival
August 20, 2010
El Gleno Grande, Bruiser the dog and Mentoc the Mind Fuggler reveal their twisted techniques.
Net Worth: Pop music takes on surprising depth at different speed
August 20, 2010
Perhaps true art can be made from anything once it’s placed in a different perspective.
Career ‘Leverage’: KU film students spend summer on set of TV series
August 13, 2010
What one learns in film school isn’t necessarily the most vital info when attempting to break into the Hollywood scene.
Net Worth: Bootleg DVDs appear ridiculously lost in translation
August 13, 2010
You never know what an illegally made video from Thailand might contain.
Net Worth: ‘Old-timey jokes’ get force-fed modern enlightenment
August 6, 2010
Q: Why are balloons in the air like vagrants? A: Because they have no visible means of support.
Meet the dean: Head of KU’s School of Music tackles challenges of reorganization
July 23, 2010
Nearly 35 years since he last stepped foot in Lawrence as a junior high student attending music camp, Robert Walzel returns to run the college program.
Net Worth: Irksome e-mail exchanges lead to comedic cat fancy
July 23, 2010
I’ve had at least five people this week say, “You’ve got to write about that cat thing.”
Net Worth: New site helps compare your literary merits to famous authors
July 16, 2010
It’s tempting when unleashing a critical opinion about those in the creative arts to immediately leap to comparisons.
Lilith’s fare: Three Kansas City artists earn the opportunity to take the stage at female-powered festival
July 15, 2010
After an 11-year absence, the eclectic celebration of women and music has returned.
Sweet Home Kansas: Lawrence native Ashley Ray embraces her rock roots to find success in the country music industry
July 9, 2010
While Ashely Ray is currently best known as a Nashville-based country artist, a childhood baptism in rock has served her well.

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Veteran screenwriter Jay Wolpert spoke to students at Free State High School on Thursday.

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