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Workshop offers photographer chance to recharge creative batteries
October 12, 2008
Ask anyone on pretty much any photography staff, and he or she will tell you that photojournalists have the best job on the planet. And I feel the same way. But, like any other profession, daily journalism has the tendency to feel like a grind. No matter what you do, life just starts to feel repetitive sometimes.
Behind the Lens: Ringlight creates flattering effect
July 27, 2008
Comfortable using a flash but looking to spice things up? For $12, a little bit of craftiness and some time, you can make your own ringlight.
Behind the Lens: Tips help photographers graduate to stop-motion animation
April 27, 2008
Maybe it’s the primitive, jerky nature. Or the way it makes inanimate objects come alive. But, stop-motion animation is endearing. It’s not perfect, nor is it fluid, nor graceful.
An evening on the town
Wellsville students take annual prom walk before big night begins
April 21, 2008
Before attending the Wellsville High School prom Saturday, students strolled through downtown in the traditional prom walk, showing off their formal attire to residents gathered to watch. About 50 couples participated in the walk before going to dinner and the dance at the high school.
Behind the Lens: Special techniques help with photos shot in fading light
March 23, 2008
I took this picture last week while vacationing in Colorado. The photo is of the Strawberry Park natural hot springs north of Steamboat Springs, Colo. My host urged me to bring my camera. After a late start and a bumpy four-wheel drive ride into the mountains, my friends and I arrived. One problem, though: It was getting dark.
Behind the Lens - Photography tip: Get up close and personal
February 3, 2008
Megapixel, shutter speed, flash, aperture - all things you tend to think about when you think photography. And those are all fine and dandy. Mastering the technical side is a must if you want to make good pictures. But something you might not think about is proximity.

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Lou Frydman, a survivor of the Holocaust who worked as a Kansas University social welfare professor and an advocate for change in the mental health system, died Tuesday. He was 81.

Major C. Edwards Jr., of Lawrence, makes his first court appearance in May 2008 at the Douglas County Jail in the case of the 2006 shooting of Anthony Vital. Edwards was charged with premeditated first-degree murder but in March 2010 pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in a plea deal that would shave four years from his prison sentence in exchange for his testimony against his co-defendant at the time, Durrell Jones, 24, of Kansas City, Kan. He is now scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday.

In this 2007 file photo, Bailey Slater, left, cleans out food trays as Teresa Wylie waters the cats at the Lawrence Humane Society. A contract has been finalized with the new director of the humane society, Dori Villalon. She will make $70,000 per year, $20,000 more than her predecessor.

Nebraska I-back Marlon Lucky (5) gets stacked up by a host of KU defenders including James Holt, left, and Darrell Stuckey in this file photo from Nov. 3, 2007. The Jayhawks recorded a rare and historic 76-39 victory over the Huskers that day, but haven’t beaten NU since.

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