Jessica Pauly (Shopping columnist)

Jessica Pauly is a freelancer for the Lawrence Journal-World and She writes the Mrs. Mass shopping column for CheckOut. Her own blog can be found here.

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Mrs. Mass.: Po’ boys? Oh boy!
April 17, 2014
According to Terrebonne, a po’ boy is a long sandwich on French bread, typically containing a spicy mayonnaise and fried seafood, but can be made with about anything you can think of. If this description sounds mouth-wateringly delicious to you, then rest assured your taste buds know what’s up.
Mrs. Mass.: A meal for the whole family
April 10, 2014
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: we have no shortage of excellent options for dining out in downtown Lawrence. But when you’re dining out with a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, you tend to consider your options a little bit differently.
Mrs. Mass.: At Cindy’s Simple life, expect the unexpected
April 3, 2014
One of the charming aspects of downtown Lawrence is the variety of shops we have sprinkled from Sixth to 12th streets, between Vermont and New Hampshire.
Mrs. Mass: Planting ideas in your head
March 27, 2014
One of my favorite memories I have of my grandma and grandpa’s house is the lively rose and hydrangea bushes that lined the eastern entrance of their elegant abode.
Mrs. Mass.: Come for the game, stay for the pickles
March 20, 2014
With basketball season in full swing, it seems only appropriate to visit one of the more popular Massachusetts Street spots to catch a game and eat some wings (or oysters/burgers/anything on the menu, really). Jefferson’s has been serving the Lawrence community since 2000, and they’re best known for their wings, oysters and fried pickles. If you’re jonesing for a hot meal, cold beer and lively atmosphere, Jefferson’s will treat you right.
Mrs. Mass.: Treat yourself to ‘me time’ with bloom
March 13, 2014
Every year around this time, as spring approaches, life seems to pick up the pace, wouldn’t you agree?
Mrs. Mass.: Bird Dog all bark and good bites
March 6, 2014
Lawrence has no shortage of fantastic restaurants downtown (we all know that). But if you travel up the hill to Kansas University’s campus, you probably know the options to dine out aren’t as bountiful. Luckily, located at the north entrance of main campus is Bird Dog Bar, which features an upscale, American sportsman theme and tasty meals. By Jessica Pauly
Mrs. Mass.: Framewoods the picture of KU fandom
February 27, 2014
Here in the land of crimson and blue, Jayhawk memorabilia has a value all its own.
Mrs. Mass.: Yoga Center of Lawrence helps students find peace
February 20, 2014
Yoga is the practice of connecting the mind and the body to achieve a state of spiritual tranquility. In fact, as I’ve learned from my yoga instructor, the term yoga is Sanskrit, and it means “to yoke.”
Mrs. Mass.: BKB Leather the heart and soul of shoe repair
February 13, 2014
As easy as it is to find a great pair of shoes, it can be a pain in the butt (or should I say sole?) to repair them. Fear not! Bruce Barlow’s BKB Leather business in North Lawrence is prepared to repair and renew.

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Find Terrebonne Po’ Boys and Desserts at 805 Vermont St., 856-3287,

Find Cielito Lindo at 815 New Hampshire St., 832-1545

Find Cindy’s Simple Life at 16 E. Eighth St., 312-1121.

Find Howard Pine's Garden Center and Greenhouse at 1320 N. Third St., 749-0302.

Find Jefferson’s at 743 Massachusetts St., 832-2000,

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