Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is a freelancer for the Lawrence Journal-World. She writes the garden column.

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Garden Calendar: Toad lilies add late-season interest
October 31, 2013
With good planning, gardens can have something blooming almost all year long. Fall often seems to be the most challenging with mums, asters and pansies as the most popular options. Gardeners looking for a unique alternative for fall color should check out my favorite flower, the toad lily.
Garden Calendar: Nature’s scariest plants
October 24, 2013
When gardeners talk about witches’ brooms, devil’s claws and deadly nightshade, the conversation probably has little to do with folklore or fall holidays. Some of these plants really can cultivate nightmares, however. Here is a look at some of nature’s scariest plants.
Garden Calendar: Rose disease on the rise
October 17, 2013
If your roses seem like they are growing a little different than usual, they may be infected with an untreatable disease known as rose rosette.
Garden Calendar: The race for fall color
October 10, 2013
Although it varies a little from year to year, Douglas County residents should expect to see trees, shrubs and other plants at the height of fall color over the next few weeks. Sumac and poison ivy, which display some of the most brilliant reds that we will see, are already changing. By Jennifer Smith
Garden Calendar: Fall gourds
October 3, 2013
Before the first frost touches your garden with its icy fingers, harvest gourds and prepare them for their use as birdhouses, decorations, sponges, or whatever else is in store for this useful fruit.
Garden Calendar: Fall garden to-do list
September 26, 2013
When I think of fall, I think of frosty mornings, bonfires, pumpkin pie, raking leaves, overseeding my lawn, planting mums and pansies, picking apples and preparing the landscape for the cooler days ahead.
Garden Calendar: Fall is ideal for tree planting
September 19, 2013
Cooler days will surely get here soon, and their arrival is a great time to think about planting trees and shrubs
The Garden Calendar: Gardening excellence
September 12, 2013
The Douglas County Master Gardeners are bringing home the gold from the International Master Gardener Conference this week.
Garden Calendar: Protect yourself from ticks
September 5, 2013
Besides their creepy-crawliness and the itching that comes from their bites, ticks are vectors of several pathogens. Of the options available for protection, Douglas County resident Luann Dixon says she has found only one that works for her: permethrin.
Garden Calendar: Summer rains bring yellow nutsedge to the garden
August 29, 2013
Ample moisture allows weeds to proliferate and flourish. Yellow nutsedge in particular has enjoyed this summer’s rains and is flourishing in many lawns and gardens in the area.

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