Jennifer Oldridge

Jennifer Oldridge, a Kansas University graduate, is an avid gardener who previously operated a landscaping business.

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Sweetening the pots: Container gardening adds bounty of local, fresh food
March 19, 2009
I’ve always been a little intimidated with the idea of growing a vegetable garden.
Victory movement: Patriotic gardening strategy takes root again
March 5, 2009
Thomas Jefferson was a firm believer in the art of growing plants, the wealth of knowledge that flora can offer and the self-sufficiency acquired by honing such skills.
Home with a history
February 26, 2009
Jennifer Lutz has lived in her Old West Lawrence home for 20 years.
Vertical limits: Lawrence couple embrace 8-level home
February 19, 2009
There are some tremendous hills over in the Deerfield neighborhood, rolling mounds that blanket the area like a patchwork quilt.
Domestic bliss: Take steps to make home a retreat for lovers
February 12, 2009
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better time to consider fashioning your home into the ultimate love nest?
Rooms without rules: Interior designer Jack Collins is all about individuality
February 5, 2009
Rule No. 1 in interior design: Stop purchasing matching sets of anything!
Backyard refuge: Attract birds to your home
February 2, 2009
Looking to attract more birds to your yard? Here are some suggestions from the Iowa State University Extension Office for being a better host to the winged friends in your backyard.rWater: Birdbaths and water gardens are superb, but even a shallow dish filled with fresh, clean water will have birds singing a song. Keep their water source in an area that is protected from predators and preferably off the ground. Moving water like in a bubbler of a water garden is excellent because the water does not freeze; water heaters are also available for bird baths.
Beyond the surface: Couple renovate sandstone home in central Lawrence
January 29, 2009
Ann and James Cooper weren’t looking to move.
Setting the stage: Clever tips will draw attention to your home for sale
January 22, 2009
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Those are words that home sellers should take to the bank in this depressed housing environment. In the first five minutes potential buyers are in your home, they will come to a conclusion on whether a home is compatible with their lifestyle.
Attention to details: Watkins museum houses history, painstakingly planned design elements
January 15, 2009
You’ve no doubt seen the Watkins Community Museum of History on the corner of 10th and Massachusetts streets.

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