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Jayhawk Motorsports team embraces successful finish
August 12, 2005
In addition to learning skills that will help him in his future career, Kansas University engineering junior Erich Ohlde has another reason he is involved with the Jayhawk Motorsports team.
KU entering brave new world
University moving to forefront of polar, climate research
August 12, 2005
Following the April announcement of a five-year $19 million grant that would establish a research center to study ice in Greenland and Antarctica, the mood in Nichols Hall on west campus, which will house the new center, was one of “absolute jubilation.”
Drums and tears dedicate national Indian museum
Haskell, KU groups among thousands in D.C. for ‘beautiful’ day
September 22, 2004
With beating drums and tears of joy, tribes joined the Smithsonian Institution in opening a grand showcase museum Tuesday dedicated to American Indians.
KU professors’ special education textbook to be translated into Chinese
August 30, 2004
A book by two Kansas University professors has become the first American special education textbook to be translated into Chinese.
Baldwin soldier to return to Iraq
KU graduate to return to Camp Victory South after two weeks back home
August 22, 2004
It’s going to be hard for Linda Wiseman to drive her daughter Kasi to the airport Monday morning. While it’s always hard for a parent to see off a child, it’s even more difficult when you know your daughter is returning to one of the most dangerous places in the world.
Bonner Springs soldier dies in Iraq
He was one of the good guys,’ longtime friend says
August 18, 2004
He was a high-school valedictorian from Bonner Springs who was looking forward to coming back from war in Iraq to farm with his father.
Sons of Confederate Veterans program draws 30 to museum
August 15, 2004
Lawrence native Jackie Kennedy always knew many of her relatives fought for the Union during the Civil War.
In Lawrence, Floridian relieved to hear from sons
August 15, 2004
It’s been a stressful couple of days for Linda Patterson. The Punta Gorda, Fla., resident was visiting her two daughters in Lawrence when Hurricane Charley slammed into the Gulf Coast town where she, her boyfriend and her two sons live.
Best Ranger Buddy Competition popular
August 14, 2004
ROTC students at Kansas University participate in special training that will help them once they graduate. Each of the three services have special activities cadets can participate in while in school. The official Army ROTC varsity sports event is called the Ranger Challenge Competition, which is offered every fall in Des Moines, Iowa.
Fine increases for students displaying faulty permits
August 14, 2004
f you’re thinking about displaying a lost, stolen or forged parking permit this year at Kansas University, you might want to think again. The parking department has increased the fine for displaying a faulty permit to $100 from $65.

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